Do you have a passion to change this world? [Paid and volunteer staff needed]

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Are you troubled by the direction of our culture, and want to be salt and light? Want to transform our nation and world?

Good news: I need your help.

I have a paid position opening up soon:

Newsletter/Web Content Writer

You’ll be writing content for my political and marketing newsletters, editing, posting content, integrating Facebook and Twitter, and more.

If you want to learn… and want to make an impact… this is for you.

And if you want to grow – you could be trained to be a successful copywriter.

Interested? Send me your resume! You can email it to

Also, we have need for volunteers for:

  • Candidate research
  • Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video production and editing
  • Web design

3 Comments on “Do you have a passion to change this world? [Paid and volunteer staff needed]”

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  2. Yes I want to help. I can collect data or ?
    Yes I want to be salt and light.
    Yes I want Christians to get out and vote.

  3. Greetings and Hello my Dear Friend Craig:

    This is one of your most ardent supporters in two campaigns having worked on your behalf only to see corruption, dishonesty, deceit, and lies of all kinds defeat a man of impuned integrity, honesty, righteousness, caring, sensitivity, educated, knowledgeable, helpful, and true Patriot with Values, Ethics, Morals, Passion (like myself), and I surely know the ins and outs of things like yourself. Would you consider hiring a person who has been in the arena of Politics since 2004 in some form or another. I like you wish to have this world changed, not only here in the USA but the entire world because if people do not start acting like human beings with intelligence instead of acting like ignorant animals as they are the world will not be around much longer.

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