Will I See You at Your Church: What Every Church Should Now Do

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The June primary election is fast approaching.

Primary elections are extremely important…


Because in some states – California is one of them – for statewide elected offices, only the 2 candidates receiving the most votes in the primary election are placed on the ballot for the general election in November.

When voter turnout is very low in the primary election, this rule often results in 2 Democrats running against each other in the general election – with no Republican or Libertarian candidate on the ballot.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves regarding the candidates … and vote intelligently for those who will best represent our Christian values and world view.

That’s where I can help … by conducting an Election Forum at your church.

By attending an election forum, you will become better informed about:

  • Christian World View
  • Religious liberty
  • Persecution of the church
  • How to vote their values
  • Who the judicial candidates are good or bad
  • Cut through confusion with the proposition
  • Identify which candidates most align themselves with a Christian world view

Election forums are always objective and nonpartisan.

Here are the four ways I am doing the election forum this year.

  1. Worship combo: This is where the churches have Sunday morning service and have the election forum in two steps on a Sunday morning.
    1. I give a Sunday morning worship service on:
      1. “Hope When Your World is Upside Down: 7 Keys to the Path of Abundant Joy”
      2. “Joy in Times of Persecution: 7 Surprising Keys to Supercharge your Life”
    2. Afternoon or evening on Sunday I go down the ballot with the tradition election forum format.
  2. Election forum worship: This was introduced and became popular last election where I describe what the Christian world view is – including the issue of religious liberty, persecution of the church, and how to vote your values. This is done during the worship service where I give a general overview of the election and how to determine the right candidates and show comparisons based upon positions.
  3. Worship service only – In which I give either the Hope talk or the Joy talk or being a Christian in a secular culture. I do not get specifically into the election but talk about the election indirectly and voting your values.
  4. Mid-week service – In which a mid-week service is replaced with the election forum as in number two.

Contact me soon if you are interested in scheduling an election forum at your church…

Dates are filling up fast.


What do you think? Write me at craig@electionforum.org

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