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Many of our readers live in California. If you do, I’d like to talk to you about your church…

As you know, California has:

  • Passed more anti-family/anti-Christian legislation
  • Elected the most anti-Christian politicians
  • Elected judicial activists who oppose religious liberty
  • Created an economic climate causing businesses and people to leave

It’s worse than any other state in the union…

In fact, California is #1 nationwide in hostility to family values.

As we enter 2018, an important election is coming up. The June primary will soon be upon us, as we elect:

  • Governor and State Offices
  • S. Senator
  • Judges
  • Propositions

The only thing that can turn California around is the Church.

In 2016, Shelly and I spoke to over 48,000 people in churches during the Election Forums. This year we want to make it well over 100,000 … plus over one million using our voter guides.

Here is what’s happening … and how you can help.

We’d like you to have us speak at your church.

During the upcoming June primary, many fewer people vote than during the November election. One vote is worth about five – meaning your fellowship’s votes are more powerful.

During the primary, we’re able to have more influence to elect good candidates than during a general November election. The primary gives us the opportunity to elect candidates in June that reflect our values – candidates that may participate in the run-offs for the November election.

That’s why it’s so critical that we’re able to have an Election Forum at your church this year.

Last election, we significantly expanded the number of churches where we spoke at a Sunday morning worship service. We have two worship service topics that we speak on:

  • Joy in Times of Persecution
  • Hope When Your World is Upside Down

After we speak on a Sunday morning, we encourage people to come back in the evening, or to an afternoon event, where we review the ballot. For example, in 2016 we spoke at the Sunday morning worship service and held a separate event at several churches, including:

  • Calvary Chapel La Habra
  • Calvary Chapel Inland
  • Calvary Chapel North Long Beach
  • Family Church in Whittier

Other churches had us combine the worship service message with the Election Forum. During this type of service, we put a heavier emphasis on defining the Christian worldview, and then we move into the election review. Calvary Chapel Malibu and Calvary Chapel Rancho Cucamonga had one main service with both a message and an Election Forum.

As always, these events are non-partisan and do not include endorsements.

I’d love to come to your church…

The bookings have already begun for the April – June primary season.

I’d love to talk to you about it and answer any questions you might have.

This is about equipping your fellowship to vote their values … and we’re always sensitive to your fellowship’s unique culture.

My office phone is 310 (212-5727 (ask for Miko).

Or email me at craig@electionforum.org

3 Comments on “Special: For Readers in California Only”

  1. What you say is absolutely true. The state government and many of the larger local governments in California are run by committed Marxists who despise decent middle-class American citizens. What’s needed in order to change this is exactly what you are doing.

    While many of us may disagree with Margaret Mead’s other statements, one thing she said is good to remember here:
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  2. Kalifornicate is turning into a Socialist “country”. There are airheads who want to secede from the United States! I’m hoping and praying that we are not past the tipping point yet. God Help Us! ( I LIVE there!)

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