Wow! Pulling Back from Common Core

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Another state has withdrawn from Common Core testing.

This time, it’s Massachusetts – formerly a state with consistently high standardized test performance.

In 2015, Massachusetts’ NAEP scores had declined in almost every single category.

But it’s not only states that are realizing Common Core lowers standards and acheivement – it’s teachers, students, parents, even those who wrote or approved the Common Core standards.

In fact, Massachusetts pulled out of Common Core testing at the recommendation of Mitchell Chester, who was one of Common Core’s chief architects.

An education analyst from the Cato Institute says that “states that never adopted the Core outperformed the average,” indicating that “the disruption theory is correct: foregoing the transition to the Core enabled better performance.”

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2 Comments on “Wow! Pulling Back from Common Core”

  1. As a former teacher, I’ve objected to Common Core from the beginning and any GOP pres. candidate who favored it.

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