School Bureaucrats Dirty Little Secret: 3 Disturbing Realities – How the Broken Government/Public Schools Give Bloated Salaries to School Administrators

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Kids aren’t getting an education but indoctrination in government-run public schools.

Parents are kept in the dark…and dismissed if they oppose a policy – silence is demanded.

Taxpayers footing the bill are abused by excessive spending.

Just take the bloated salaries of school administrators.

Here are three disturbing realities:

Reality #1: It doesn’t matter if it’s a rich district or a poor district – the bloated salaries of the school bureaucracy is outrageous.

For example, in Baltimore, there is Dr. Sonja Santelises, who is the CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools. Her salary is $325,000 plus lots of special perks.

But that’s not all. Look at some of the other bureaucrats:

  • The Chief of Staff makes $198,168.
  • The city’s Chief of Schools makes $218,000.

The city’s 4,500 teachers combined for nearly $335 million salaries make an average of close to $74,500. That does not reflect the large pensions, perks, insurance, and summers off, and the additional money made from the different government stimulus checks.

If everything was going fine in the schools, this would still be too high.

Since things are not going well in the schools, it’s outrageous.

Few people realize their city school system has such bloated salaries. It’s hidden. It’s a well-kept secret.

I remember I was shocked when I was on the tax oversight committee in my local school board and found out what they were making.

Yet to try to change it is virtually impossible.

But there is a solution – I will talk about it in just a second. It hides that, as secret.

Reality #2: The government public schools (for the most part) are complete failures, and here is the problem:

If you live in a school district that’s doing well, be very thankful.

But it’s probably not doing as well as it could be.

Besides the bloated salaries, the government schools are largely failing the kids, parents and taxpayers.

It’s just that they hide what is going on and taxpayers aren’t aware of it.

But some districts are absolutely terrible.

Take Baltimore City Government/Public Schools.

It has 20,500 students.

As I said, the head of that school system makes $325,000 a year and just got a raise.

She did great, right?


How are they doing?

Take a look:

  • Out of elementary students in Balitmore City Public School system, 52% had a failing grade in the first three quarters of the year.
  • The students are unable to read or do math.
  • One student was a high school senior with a 0.13 GPA, graduated and ranked 62 out of 120 in his class. The student had failed all but three classes during the first three year of high school.

The parents can’t do anything about it – the teachers are not teaching.

They are indoctrinating.

They are teaching about critical race theory.

They are teaching about all kinds of things but what they need to. Whether it’s math or science, history…they are teaching politics and trying to persuade the kids to mobilize in their communities.

It’s not like they don’t have a budget – $1.4 billion for 77,583 students which is $18,000 per student.

The bottom line is the school bureaucracy is failing the kids but the school bureaucrats living in luxury with no worry of accountability or ever being fired.

Nearly 3 out of every 4 students in the system are black in Baltimore. In this case, it is such a horrific failure to the black population.

Reality #3: It’s an injustice to the students, parents and taxpayers. But there is one way to turn this around.

The only way that we can turn this around is with school choice.

The government schools are unaccountable, have no competition, and people are locked into accepting it.

They keep things secret.

They fail the kids, the parents and the taxpayers.

They indoctrinate.

But if parents could send their child to the school of their choice, there will be competition. There will be better teaching. The kids will learn.

There will be accountability because no one will have their kids in a failing school or teaching politics instead of math.

School choice is the only hope.

Reform of the current public government schools – impossible.

School choice is needed now.

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  1. I totally agree. Amen to school choice and to providing all parents with a report card on how well the schools are teaching, and not indoctrinating, student to be competitive members of our economy. Otherwise, China will be eating us for lunch!

  2. In a staff development (teacher training), teachers at Irvine Unified School District we’re informed they could no longer use the terms “boys” and “girls” yet the district stores all of the data using the identifiers.

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