Opening the Schools: Sparks Fly and Why it Must Happen

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The teacher’s union, biased media and pro-socialist politicians are pushing to keep the schools closed.

Some districts are not opening.

Others are.

Teachers unions are fighting hard against reopening.

Teachers unions are being totally political and frightening parents, and school districts, and politicians with their powerful lobbying, money, and influence.

Those schools that are opening have strict guidelines in place to keep the kids – and adults – safe.

Before a senate meeting with Dr. Fauci, sparks flew again with Senator Rand Paul’s second confrontation.

Senator Paul was powerful and clear.

You need to see it and Dr. Facui’s response.

You can see it here. It is about a 5-minute video.

Also. Betsy DeVos made a powerful case for education to continue. About 6 minutes, see it here.

As Cities burn, statutes torn down: Faith & Social Justice. [Video]

Chaos. Looting. Killings.

Across America, we see turmoil in the name of some justice.

Watch Jack Brewers answer to what is happening…powerful.

About 5 minutes, see here.

Also, see Jack on another program with D’Souza. Click here to see the 5-minute video.

Pastor Jeffress: Opening church safely. Media goes ballistic.

Vice President Mike Pence just spoke at Pastor Jeffress church in Dallas – the congregation was packed out with people who wanted to worship and hear the Word – most with no masks.

Here is a great interview with Pastor Jeffress on church service vs. protests and the media resolution. See that video here.

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2 Comments on “Opening the Schools: Sparks Fly and Why it Must Happen”

  1. The schools are a cess pool of indoctrination. As difficult as all of this is? God’s sick of what they are doing in the schools to teach our kids about evolution, gay life styles and perversion , trannies reading to small children, hatred for God and nation. I hope that nothing re-opens until things have changed. In a round about way, God is answering prayers by judging the education system, the government, sports idolatry and the church!

  2. Good point Leslie! Never thought about it that way. Keep the kids close at hand at home and monitor what’s being fed to them.

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