Ideological School Board Disobeys New Law to Protect Kids and Parental Rights – Parents Must Now “Rebel” Against Stopping Propaganda and Forced Masking of Kids [Video]

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In Virginia, the new governor has seen open disobedience by radical school boards.

They are ignoring his executive order to stop the forced masking of children and to respect parental rights.

Governor Youngkin won the election with the help of parents wanting to stop the indoctrination of students in such things as Critical Race Theory (CRT), forced masking of kids, and other radical policies.

Now the governor is suing the school districts for their open rebellion against his executive order. They are refusing to obey.

In fact, they are suspending, arresting and discriminating against kids refusing to mask based upon state law.

The masks do not work (see “Wearing or Not Wearing a Mask: 6 Things You Should Know About Health Risks that The Media and Politicians Aren’t Telling You” and hurt kids in multiple ways, both physically and emotionally.

Watch two parents as they explain what is happening.

Click HERE to watch the video.

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