Homeschooling and Faith vs. Government Schools [Election 2016]

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Homeschooling and the Presidential Candidates (Credit:

91% of parents out of the three million who homeschool their children do so for religious or moral reasons.

Children schooled at home, with strong father figures will remain connected to their faith throughout life. Another study challenged this finding, and indicated that a child’s long-term devotion depends on the parents, not their schooling.

A third study acknowledged that homeschoolers and students enrolled in public or private schools maintain the same religious views, while young adults in homeschools tended to be more devout.

The major conclusion from the studies still affirms: Parenting matters more than schooling in matters of a child’s faith and devotion.

Here is where the remaining Presidential candidates stand on homeschooling:

Hillary Clinton:

Clinton says, “I believe strongly in a parent’s right to choose the best education for his/her child. We have a proud tradition of parochial and private education in America. We also know that the majority of children are educated in the public education system. So we have to support the public education system whether or not our children are in it or whether or not we have children. The public education system is a critical investment for the well-being of all of us.”

She is obviously a strong proponent of supporting the public government-run school system. She also does not support vouchers, tax credits, and charter schools. She believes that they drain desperately-needed resources. She is not friendly to the homeschool system and against school choice.

Ted Cruz:

Ted Cruz is a strong proponent of school choice, and has stated multiple times that he will focus on the issues of education, school choice, and homeschooling during his presidential campaign. One of the strongest supporters of homeschooling and school choice.

John Kasich:

Supports school choice strongly. Encourages school prayer in public school classrooms. Supports homeschooling.

Bernie Sanders:

Wanted to award 10.2 billion dollars to federal education and HHS projects. He opposes school vouchers, tax credits, and charter schools. He does not favor homeschooling or school choice. He is a strong proponent of the government-run, public education system.

Donald Trump:

Donald Trump states, “[O]pen the schoolhouse doors and let parents choose the best school for their children.”

“Education reformers call this school choice, charter schools, vouchers, even opportunity scholarships. I call it competition-the American way.”

Trump seems to be a good supporter of school choice and homeschooling considering that he wishes for more competition in the education system.

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