Forced Vaccination and Mask Fear? Two Ways Any Student, Worker or Government/Military Personnel Can Legally Say No [Powerful Podcast/Video]

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Across America, millions of people are afraid…they don’t know what to do.

The politicians, media and health bureaucrats say they must get vaccinated

But many do not want to get it.

Many don’t want to wear a mask…or have their kids wearing a mask.

I just did a powerful 46-minute video/podcast with Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute that outlines how to legally opt out – student, worker or military personnel. There are two paths outlined in a free report attorneys have prepared.

You can watch it HERE.

His team of constitutional lawyers have put together a free guide to how students and workers can opt out of getting the vaccine if they want to.

We discuss the two strategies you, a friend or loved one can take.

And we discussed why some don’t want the vaccination.

Plus how he will offer free legal services to anyone if their constitutional rights are threatened.

In America, that’s called freedom of choice.

If you want it, get it. If you don’t, don’t.

That’s what freedom is all about.

If you have been vaccinated or plan on it and think everyone should get, still supporting friends and family who don’t want it is what a free society is all about.

Watch this video.

Get the free report on how to opt out at

Don’t be afraid.

Do what you think is best.

You can watch the video HERE.

What do you think? Let me know at

10 Comments on “Forced Vaccination and Mask Fear? Two Ways Any Student, Worker or Government/Military Personnel Can Legally Say No [Powerful Podcast/Video]”

  1. I guess I can’t understand people not wanting to get the shot. It’s common sense again. If it will prevent it why not?? Look what other shots have done. Stopped it from happening. It will keep going because of stupid people. Par for he course. Common sense again which no one uses God’s free gift. We live now in a Me, Myself and I World. No one tells me what to do even if it saves My Life. Just plain stupid people.

    1. It has been reported that a significant number of people have died or had a serious medical reaction because of the vaccine.

    2. As of now, over 32,000 Americans have died directly due to the shot and hundreds of thousands have been permanently injured. It’s on the CDC website, but you have to dig deeply to find it. And only 1% are ever reported. My brother-in- law is one who died from it but it was listed as something else. Further, many doctors and scientists have stated that many more will die over the next few months to a few years. Those deaths, of course, won’t be attributed to the shot. I, along with millions of others, am unwilling to take that risk, especially since I take care of myself, keep my immune system strong, and never get sick. I don’t get other vaccines either. Anyone can do what I do and avoid being part of the population control that this “vaccine” is.

  2. There is so much information from many experts from around the nation and the world which rebuts what most people hear day in and day out from CNN and the MSM, and which, if people would only research outside of those constant sound bytes, would inform them that (1) the shots don’t prevent transmission of the virus; (2) that vaccinated people get infected and carry at least as much virus in their nasal passages as unvaccinated, infected people do; (3) that in Israel and the UK, it is now mostly vaccinated people who end up hospitalized with covid; (4) that people who have previously recovered from covid have been proven in multiple studies to have the most robust, across-variant, and long lasting immunity to covid. They also are more at risk from worse vaccine side effects, and there is no benefit to them to be vaccinated.

  3. The shot does not stop you from getting or spreading the disease. 12,000 people have died from taking it. If I’m stupid because understanding these facts makes me pause to think, then call me stupid.


    My .02¢

    Those who are at high risk should get the shot — it could save your life. Those that do not want the shot should not get the shot, it’s that simple! Lovers of Liberty and Freedom Rejoice!

    WHY? because we know, conclusively, COVID-19 is no more dangerous than the annual flu to healthy people and even less dangerous to kids and teens. Fact, period!

    99.0% of us will not die from any form of the Flu, with or without a vaccine.

    50% of all COVID recorded deaths are in dispute (in many cases verified) as being fraudulent. Those dying of cancer, lung disease, heart attack, car crash, murder, accident, etc. who had COVID in their systems at the time of death were recorded (unethically and immorally) as having died due to COVID. Don’t buy the lies, don’t repeat the lies, don’t trust what you cannot verify! If you heard it on the news, the TV, the radio, or especially social media, verify the information and and run all of it through your rational logical brain. DO NOT TRUST THE W.H.O. (World Health Organization) or the CDC (Center for Disease Control) as both have been lying about COVID-19 since the very beginning.

    Masks have been proved, 100% ineffective in preventing the spread of the Flu, period. Social distancing obviously helps.

    QUESTION: Why take a vaccine that is on EMERGENCY FDA Authorization and has not been fully studied or APPROVED. Fact, Period!

    There have been thousands, YES, thousands of death due to GETTING THE COVID-19 SHOT.

    There have been hundreds of thousands of serious medical injuries due to GETTING THE COVID-19 SHOT. There have been thousands of teenagers who have had dangerous heart inflammation — even though those 1 – 25 have roughly zero chance of dying from COVID-19 and a minuscule chance of spreading it.

    The young appear to have a natural immunity! Fact, Period!

    We have already reached HERD immunity in America! Fact, period!

    FACT: Children and teenagers are at far greater risk of death from the annual flu than they are from COVID-19 — do those who want to impose forced vaccination on their neighbors want everyone (including school children) to mask up all year long due to the annual flu?

    90% of those over 60 are vaccinated, success, good job, move on!

    An estimated 100 million Americans are immune from COVID-19 as they have already had the virus and recovered, or were acemtomatic, thank you!

    Not a single person who had COVID-19 and recovered or was acemtomatic needs to get the COVID-19 jab and those that do are actually putting their immune system at risk! Talk about dumb people and an even dumber policy!

    An estimated 150 million Americans have had the vaccine, success, good job, back to work, back to school and back to normal life where this totalitarian farce ends.

  5. Diann J.

    You need to educate yourself about this vaccine. Please note that I do not say that because I think you are stupid. It is just genuine concern for you and others. Don’t listen to CNN or the mainstream media. This is the deadliest vaccine ever created in the history of vaccines. A check of the VAERS system ( a CDC site) will give you some idea of the deaths due to this COVID-19 vaccine. A word of caution, I don’t trust the CDC either, but VAERS will give you some idea of the deaths, and keep in mind that the data in VAERS is underreported. Perhaps only one percent is reported. There are over 12,000 deaths so far (reported in the CDC VAERS database) and we have only had the vaccine for a few months. In the past, a few hundred deaths would have shut a vaccine program down. In spite of this horrific number of deaths, it is still being pushed on people. We don’t need a vaccine when Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have proved to be effective against this virus. The survival rate is very high as well. We also know that those who have had the vaccine are dying too. There is a rational and scientific explanation for this. I will leave that to you to seek out the answer which is out there. With survivability so high, especially for kids, why gamble with their lives by getting them vaccinated with an experimental drug? When you find out the facts for yourself as stated here, please spread the word. If you got the vaccine, all I can say is good luck and I would advise against a booster, but don’t take my word for it. Educate yourself, and then make a free choice.

  6. I don’t trust the government (particularly this administration ), nor any news/media outlet or social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
    I’m a retired nurse who speaks frequently with other nurses. They all believe Covid-19 is nothing more than overblown annual flu cases, which are being politicized for reasons that the average citizen will never know. If I had to guess, though, I would suspect that this is a test to determine what percentage of the population are fearful sheep, dutifully doing whatever they’re told. Moreover, for anyone well-read in world history, they will recognize the threatened mandate as another step toward their end goal of Socialism. Our Founding Fathers would have never dreamed of forcing citizens to participate in a health procedure against their will. Actually, even as recent as fifty years ago, I doubt the government would have been so bold and the citizens so unquestioning.
    While I have a multitude of other reasons, I’ll summarize with this: If the government were truly as worried about Covid-19 as they claim, they’d stop the flow of unvaccinated illegal immigrants, many of whom are Covid-19 positive, from entering the U.S. at our Southern border. Thousands of these people are turned loose every week into a country of unsuspecting citizens, while the legislators in D.C. preach at the legal population to submit to vaccinations and masking, even double masking. The government can’t have it both ways…Oh, what a sinful web they weave since first they practiced to deceive.

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