Finally…High School Grad Gives Away $40,000 Harvard Scholarship

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“I feel that, you know, God has gotten me this far, and He will take me the rest of the way.”

So said Verda Tetteh, a recent high school graduate from Fitchburg, Connecticut.

A straight-A student, Verda – whose mother emigrated from Ghana when Verda was a child – was awarded the $40,000 scholarship for general excellence. She also received several other scholarships which will help with her expenses as a pre-med student at Harvard.

Verda explained that her Christian faith – and a challenge from her high school assistant principal to be “bold and selfless” – prompted her to ask school officials to give the money to one or more other students who would be struggling to afford college.

“It is such a great honor,” Verda said at the graduation ceremony, “but I also know that I am not the most in need of it.”

She received a standing ovation.

Watch this 2 ½-minute news report of Verda’s selfless act. Click HERE.

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2 Comments on “Finally…High School Grad Gives Away $40,000 Harvard Scholarship”

  1. “It is better to give than to receive”. This young woman will always know that she did the right thing in helping others achieve their dreams. She is destined for greatness, and with her obvious faith in God, as she said, He will be with her. Like Dr. Ben Carson, I believe we will hear and see great things from her.

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