Facebook: Trying to Shape Political Beliefs and Voters–Still No Change

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Social media.

It’s supposed to help us share our views.

Now, reports are exposing the Facebook team for suppressing conservative and Christian news and views.

This has been seen for a long time on Facebook, censoring content, posts, ads, and now the “Trending News” section.

Three things you need to know:

  1. Former Facebook employees have admitted that they blocked content from CPAC meetings, or about Presidential candidates like Rand Paul, even though conservative readers across the country were sharing these articles.
  1. Most of Facebook’s “curators”, the journalists supplying news for the “trending section”, are Ivy-league grads with elite backgrounds. They basically operate the newsfeed like a traditional newsroom, with a built-in bias reflecting their preferences.
  1. Now Facebook says they’ll change. But all they did was change the names of their censoring tactics. We will keep you posted on what happes.

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One Comment on “Facebook: Trying to Shape Political Beliefs and Voters–Still No Change”

  1. There’s a Christian brother in church who is politically “hot” and he said Facebook blocked him TWICE for his “very conservative” postings. I don’t really believe Zuckerberg, because talk is cheap. Actions speak a LOT LOUDER than just talk. I don’t put much of my personal info out there, because I think it can be used against you. I listen to my wife’s comments about stuff she reads on Facebook, however. Some of it is pretty funny. Some of it is pretty stupid, too.

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