Tip of the Iceberg: new revelation that the Department of Education has been funding indoctrination in the schools.

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Here is a great 5-minute video exposing the Department of Education funds Islamic ‘indoctrination’ program in public schools called ‘Access Islam’ that teaches, among other things, The Five Pillars of Islam

Time for Betsy DeVos to stop this now.

See video here.

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6 Comments on “Tip of the Iceberg: new revelation that the Department of Education has been funding indoctrination in the schools.”

  1. I have been saying for some time that these lessons violate the First Amendment and that someone with some clout needs to bring a federal lawsuit to stop the same. This is clearly not “comparative religion,” which courses I have taken.

    We also need to educate a lot of people in this nation that islam is NOT a religion per se — it is a total political ideology that reaches into every facet of daily life. It is totally incompatible with our Constitution and, like we did in with communism in the 1950s, we should ban it from the US. They’ve done it in Japan. Granted, Japan does not have our Constitution and First Amendment, but we could demand that all moslems (term used deliberately) entering this nation must pledge to obey all tenets of the Constitution. The religions that were here at the founding of our country could do that. islam can not.

  2. So, why hasn’t this been taken care of? Is DeVos another traitor of Trump? It should have been the first thing she did. How do we get this done?

  3. Creeping Islam, sneaky & insidious. All govt allowed and enabled. I’m sure you heard about San Diego accepting some of it very recently. There must be some very big money pushing this crap.

  4. I have heard of the teaching of Islam in regular scholarship subjects like history, and teachers who refuse to teach exactly what the curriculum says. This would be a first step. Then we need to change the Common Core curriculum, which is rife with positive references to our Islam and neglects to mention the contributions of Christianity, which are, of course, overwhelming. This latter neglect has been going on for decades. Definitely, Sec. Devos must do something.

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