Common Core and the Privacy of Your Kids

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Christian parents and grandparents should be very concerned about Common Core.

I’ve just finished developing a speech on this that I’ll be giving across the nation.

In fact, for those in the Los Angeles area, I’ll be speaking tonight. Click here for a flyer.

If you’re interested in helping stop the Common Core fiasco, help me line up some talks at churches and organizations. It would be greatly appreciated.

Why? Well…

The government is using Common Core to create a national database – a database that contains the personal, identifiable, sensitive information of every student… from pre-school through college.

It tracks students’ religious affiliations, family income, family voting status, health care history, grades, disciplinary records, and much more.

This kind of database is used by tyrannical, oppressive governments.

It’s not what you’ll find in a free society.

Here’s how it works: states that signed onto Common Core agreed to expand their longitudinal databases containing sensitive student data. On top of that, a 2009 federal law required state databases to track all of the personal information listed above. This data is linked to the Common Core tests.

And, when states signed onto Common Core, they agreed that all student data collected at the state level must be given to the federal Department of Education.

That’s how this national database is being created.

But there’s more.

The Obama Administration altered the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act to not only allow data mining of sensitive student information (social security numbers, disciplinary records, biometric data, etc.) but also to share this information with third party entities.

Sound Orwellian? Bill Gates, the key financial supporter of Common Core, is also funding technology for data mining purposes – recently including experimentation with “Galvanic Skin Response” bracelets that will track student engagement in the classroom.

Watch this Common Core expert’s briefing on the data collection: watch here.

This comprehensive record could be used for social engineering, determining students’ future career paths, a planned economy… It gives government detailed knowledge of each student – and knowledge is power.

We need to stop this massive power grab. It is an unheard-of violation of privacy and capitulation to government control.

Sign our petition now to Fight Common Core.

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3 Comments on “Common Core and the Privacy of Your Kids”

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