Common Core and the Failure of Federal Spending on Education [shocking chart]

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The U.S. has an education crisis.

Liberals think that we can solve this crisis with more spending on our public education system by the federal government.

But this “remedy” is completely ineffective. Take a look at this chart comparing federal spending with student scores:

Education Spending

And, with the implementation of Common Core, more and more money is going to be poured into public education – without improving it. In fact, Common Core lowers standards and hinders student achievement.

Instead, huge amounts of taxpayer money will go to:

  • Common Core staffing
  • Common Core training
  • Common Core curriculum
  • Technology
  • Pensions
  • Tests

States will spend an estimated $10 billion up front to implement Common Core. Then, it will take up to $800 million a year to maintain.

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2 Comments on “Common Core and the Failure of Federal Spending on Education [shocking chart]”

  1. Common Core is truly the most evil plan anyone could come up with. The goal of the planners is to make themselves rich by making sure every child buys a computer, to bribe the various states to sign on, or see a threat to Federal Funding, and to “dis educate” our kids away from the curriculum that has served us well over the years. Finally, they plan to turn our children into “computer zombies”! And they have done all their planning secretly, without the peoples’ knowledge! Congress has done nothing to stop it, and our very own “Hitler” is in cahoots with them

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