Brainwashing Kids: How BLM Distorts Reality [Video]

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Across America, brainwashing of children is found in government /public schools in the form of BLM indoctrination.

Schools are echoing the Black Lives Matter (BLM), Marxist/Socialist distortion of reality.

For example, the Washington D.C. school system endorsed 13 guiding principles to be taught to kids.  

A few of these include:

1. One of the principles calls for “dismantling the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

2. Another is referred to as “Black Families” and calls for dismantling patriarchal practice.

3. A third principle references “transgenderism and a queer-affirming culture.”

Dr. Carol Swain, black and a former Vanderbilt professor, argues this curriculum is destructive for the black community and black families, especially as one of the goals of the curriculum is zero-tolerance for discipline.

Here is what she says: “If you read more about the Black Lives Matter principles on their website, you will see that there is nothing there that advances society in a way that is beneficial.”    

One of the reasons this program is so successful is because millions of dollars in contributions were made by large companies to the BLM movement with few people understanding the actual mission of the organization.

Swain argues that BLM is pushing for critical race theory, Marxism and other disturbing principles that are hurting the black community and everyone rather than helping it.  

You can watch the 5-minute video HERE.

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