America’s 12% Education Factor: Destroying America’s Future

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America’s 12% Education Factor: Destroying America’s Future

American education is turning into an indoctrination center.

At the college level, universities hire professors based on their political ideology alone.

Nothing to do with their skills or their breadth of knowledge or research.

And none of it is in the best interests of the students.

Today, only 12% of professors in American universities identify as center-right in their political views.

What are the consequences of this destructive bias on our kids, our culture, and our country?

  1. Young people only focus on the negatives in American history, never the positives, like the expansion of free enterprise and individual franchise to participate in elections.
  2. They never learn the true history of the different political parties, including the Democratic Party’s racist past or that the Republican Party advanced civil rights for African-Americans after the Civil War and during the 1960s.
  3. They learn that the United States is a Democracy, which in fact this country was founded and endures as a Republic, where the government protects minority rights and checks and balances majority opinion.
  4. They take in anti-capitalism, anti-free market hatred, while learning the idealized benefits of socialism and communism.
  5. The learn to HATE America, and all that she stands for.

The anti-American agenda of post-secondary education is now filtering into our high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools!

Education has become indoctrination (Credit: Minding the Campus)

Education has become indoctrination (Credit: Minding the Campus)

That’s why parents who send their children to government schools can expect their kids to becomes clones of their teachers.

They reject common sense.

They become brainwashed.

What we need is more innovation, choice, and privatization in education. Our children cannot wait, and our country will not survive if a new generation of Americans despise their nation and ignore the rights and liberties afforded them.

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  1. Many years ago there was a proposition on the ballot to allow parents to choose between what school, public or private their child would go to but of course it didn’t pass since public schools wouldn’t have their usual funding. Is there any way to get this on the ballot again because more parents are not agreeing to the number of shots required in CA to attend and they do not like many of the subjects being taught or the way in which they’re teaching them.
    My boys have finished college and out in the work force. There are no grandchildren yet but hopefully that day will come. So I’m concerned about the upcoming generations. At the present time all I can do is pray for this nation to turn back to God.

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