To College Leader: Who Will Pay for Your Free Stuff? [video]

Craig HueyEconomics3 Comments

Free tuition.

Debt forgiveness.

Free books.

$15 hour minimum wage.

Across America, college kids are joining with the liberal Democrats demanding debt forgiveness…. And free schooling.

But how?

Who pays?

Watch this powerful video:

3 Comments on “To College Leader: Who Will Pay for Your Free Stuff? [video]”

  1. Come on, stop this bull crap, go after the liberals who demand a 300,000 salary from a University for a job that would never exsist in the private sector. I graduated from UNLV and watched as student tuition increased by 5% but at the same time paid Hilary Clinton 300,000 dollars to come and give a hour speech. Stop blaming the top 1%, the people who actually build and create to give you your Ipads, Iphones, PC’s, that I watched stupid students borrow school money to buy. Waste is the reason students are broke, drinking and partying, and all the luxury items they buy that they didnt and would never need. SHUT UP Im sick of hearing this bull crap lead on by the democrats when they create it.

  2. These types of idiot kids have nothing between their ears. “I want, I want” and “I want everybody else to pay for it!!!” They don’t think it through. Somebody, somewhere, has…to…pay…for…it! Money doesn’t grow on trees, stupid “college-educated” morons.

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