How the Progressive Left Wins Public Support, and Why Christians Lose

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How the Progressive Left Wins Public Support, and Why Christians Lose

The radical left changes, molds, and activates support for causes. These causes—gun control, gay marriage, blanket amnesty for illegal aliens—should lose, not win.

How do they do it?

I have written and spoken about their use of the new breakthroughs in marketing and advertising. They understand these techniques. Christians and conservatives do not.

One aspect of their ability to achieve these objectives—evil, destructive, oppressive—is what I call in my marketing talks “friendly persuasion”.

One of the keys to “friendly persuasion” is testimonials. They are a proven way to command attention, and help persuade and convince people to respond and act.

You see them on infomercials and most marketing materials.

Christians often give their testimonies privately and publicly. That’s a form of a testimonial

People’s personal experience is powerful and persuasive and the progressive left has learned how to use this form of friendly persuasion to achieve their objectives.

For example, let’s look at five key issues:

  1. Pro-abortion. This is a major issue for the Democrats in this election. And women are telling their personal stories why they believe in abortion. Tears. Emotion. Power.

While the pro-life movement has some personal stories or redemption, of babies saved from death, nothing is being used in the pro-life movement that is as powerful as what the left is doing. Efforts to persuade are based on logic, reason, philosophy … nothing like the power of personal accounts:

  • People—like myself—who would have been aborted if today’s laws were in place.
  • Adopted kids—like myself—who thank God daily for their adopted parents
  • Women hurt by abortions, who tell their stories
  1. Gun control. After the Democrats had their Capitol Hill “sit-in” across America, they duplicated the sit-in in their districts. The center piece of their anti-gun event? It was personal stories—often with tears and great emotion—of people impacted by guns. Great TV. Great social media. Great videos. And yes … building a powerful army of support to violate Second Amendment rights. They are winning the battle over the Constitution, logic, and freedom by a false representation of truth.

It’s not logic. It’s powerful emotion.

Gun-rights supporters have great stories about people who were saved because of gun ownership.

But you never hear about it when gun-rights advocates make their case. The only time there are stories for gun rights is when you read news stories of businesses and homeowners protecting themselves saving lives by having their firearms to deter an intruder.

  1. Illegal immigration. Illegal immigrant “Rights” are gaining favor in the media with young people, with the voters when illegal aliens tell their stories.

When will we hear more stories about these people:

  • Those who have lost jobs to illegals?
  • People who have been harmed or killed by illegals, who were not detained or deported?
  • Citizens who have been deprived of opportunities because of preferences given to illegals?
  • People who came to the country legally, who had to wait in line and do it properly?

There are some exceptions, At the Republican Convention, we saw the parents of victims of illegal aliens, who should have been jailed then deported. Those stories are powerful and effective, but they are not enough.

  1. Minimum wage. Economists and business owners—and history—prove that forcing up the minimum wage creates more unemployment while slowing job and wage growth.

But the Left sets up an army of protesters who want more money to live on.

Those who want to help entry-level workers, but recognize the harms done by a minimum wage hike, used logic, reasons, and facts. They lost.

Why didn’t they seek out business owners struggling to make ends meet? What about employees fired because they were laid off?

  1. Religious Liberty. The Media highlights gays in tears, because they could not find a videographer, baker, or florist to help them celebrate their same-sex wedding because that activity would violate the conscience of those business owners.

They are portrayed as the victims, with tears in their eyes, a minority which is unfairly discriminated against. And the Christian business owners look mean-hearted.

But we don’t see the tears, we don’t see the testimonies of those homosexuals who were served cakes, flowers, and photos apart from services for a wedding.

We don’t see the tears of the woman in Seattle, Washington who is about to lose her home and her IRA because she stood firm. We don’t see the baker who loses his business. These accounts all convey powerful emotions that can influence others.

  1. Homosexual “marriage”. This has been one of the most successful media marketing campaigns in history.

Books, magazines, TV series, movies, all have stories and testimonials.

Ads. TV news interviews. The press. All have personal testimonials.

This sudden transformation of thought was articulated and strongly promoted by President Obama based upon other people’s testimonials. Pastors were silenced, with huge activism by individuals displaying personal, emotional testimonies.

You don’t see parents, whose kids have been harmed by homosexual conduct. You don’t see men and women who talk about they complement one another in natural marriage.

The Left keeps hammer this basic theme: They display people whom we like, who awaken our compassion, and who are standing up to “old” beliefs.

It’s not about right or wrong. Good or bad. Best or worst.

It’s all about personal testimonies.

The pro-marriage proponents talked about culture, religion, history, and biology.

You don’t see parents are kids hurt by homosexual conduct.

You never saw testimonies from ex-gays or from homosexuals who believe in marriage between a man and a woman.

You heard logic. You heard reason. You heard facts.

And they lost.

Marketing truth requires friendly persuasion, or we will continue to lose.

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9 Comments on “How the Progressive Left Wins Public Support, and Why Christians Lose”

  1. So, Craig, how can we offer our own friendly persuasion? You have thoroughly defined and explained how the other side does it, so you must have some ideas about how WE can do it. Let’s hear them.

    Steve L.

  2. Having been raised in a home w/Democratic father, you are
    NOT going to be persuade the Progressives. They have an agenda
    which will not be derailed. They will not reason together, it is foolish
    for them to even listen to your opinion May find you are avoided
    blocked or defriended.
    In an unknown social setting, it is best to avoid politics altogether.
    As for your Christian testimony, your life should tell the story.
    Either situation calls for calm, complete honesty if confronted.
    Our faith & principles deserve nothing less!!

  3. You make an important point. But the reason the left keeps winning is multi-faceted. First of all, we have the promise from God in Matthew 6 that if his people seek first the Kingdom He would provide everything we need, including freedom and prosperity and security, so if we don’t have those things, we have to take spiritual inventory first. Another reason is we let government control the school system, so of course they’re not going to teach that constitutional government and free markets are a blessing – that would limit their power and control. The income tax which simultaneously created the tax-exempt foundations was a turning point, because the ultra-wealthy had a vehicle to use their wealth for supporting leftist organizations of all kinds for the purpose of demanding more powers for government, which the ultra-wealthy used to consolidate their wealth by bribing compliant politicians to pass favorable legislation and tax loopholes. Maybe the worst thing was that, as a society, we tolerated the presence of secret societies in our midst, like Freemasonry, Theosophy, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, and their front groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Jesuits, and so on. These societies all favor world government, socialism, rule by the elite, and the destruction of Christianity. They grow stronger by helping each other get ahead in their careers and get placed into positions of influence, to the extent that they dominate both Republican and Democratic administrations. It all boils down to that famous quote by Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    1. I had many conversations with a neighbor who WAS a 32nd degree Freemason, but left Freemasonry and accepted Christ a few months before he died. He stated that, “Lower level masons are typically great people by the worlds standards, but are deliberately deceived by upper-level masons as to the true agenda of Freemasonry – which upper level freemasons hide behind a veneer of propriety such as their children’s hospitals which actually do much good.” He further stated that, “The reasons I left freemasonry were best found by reading the Masonic book ‘Morals and Dogma,’ first published in 1871, which is hard to find.” He did send me a few quotes from the book including one stating the following from page 321, “Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls?” He said the following quote is at the end of the Masonic book called ‘Monetary Instructions In The 33rd Degree’: “Onward! And all earth shall aid us, our peaceful flag furled: Masonry at last shall conquer, and its Alter be the World.” He admonished me not to believe the deception that masonry is benign. He said that masonry has a more powerful stranglehold over society & government today than ever, and that, “The amoral, anti-christian upper levels of masonry of today is not the masonry of founder George Washington.” SEE:

  4. I think you have made some really good points.

    Christians tend to be less vociferous and less likely to demonstrate.

    I think the left have the support of the majority of the media and they must have organizers who are able to get their “troops” out. They must have funding for all this. How can Christians get the funding and the organizers?

    By the way, Freedom of Gun ownership and What the Minimum Wage is are not that important to me. I think it is important to prevent certain people from owning guns and, also, the type of weapons that civilians have access to should be restricted.

    I think it is very important to make our views and reasons know in a persuasive manner. The New Testament Church used signs and wonders as very effective tools of persuasion. It showed that they were the ones with the real truth about God and had His support.

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