Obamacare: Failing Bureaucracy Becoming Worse

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The national debate on replacing and repealing Obamacare is heating up in the this Presidential year. Across America, the problems are getting worse

Rising health insurance premiums.

Doctors and other medical staff are retiring.

Clients are unable to keep their old insurance.

Higher costs and more dependents.

Businesses are not hiring.

People of faith are forced to pay for abortions.

Is there any sign of success for Obamacare?

Covered California, the Golden State’s established state health insurance exchange, was touted as the gold standard for the nation.

And yet this “best example” is now becoming another costly disaster.

Covered California has hemorrhaged huge losses for the past two years, all up to $500 million. Who is going to pay? That’s nearly a $1 billion loss and will require a taxpayer bailout.

To make matters worse, Covered California must become financially stable without federal subsidies from Washington.

One reader informed me about the terrible impact of Obamacare in California:

I’ve contacted [you] to share about the impossible costs of the “Affordable” Care Act, previously, but at least in California, the program is shady at best.

Let me start with a couple situations that has happened in our own office without lengthy explanations.

  1. Two people canceled without knowledge while Covered California keeps the premiums (unless you call and make a stink six months later when you realize you’ve been canceled).
  2. Employee’s children canceled because she didn’t “re-enroll” in January and now are telling her the you have to “re-enroll” every year, when on their site it clearly says:

     “Renewing Your Health Plan Through Covered California”

During renewal and open enrollment, you have two options to renew your health plan through Covered California, and one of which is: “Do nothing and be automatically renewed in the same health plan and coverage.”

Her children can now not go to the doctors with insurance until she “re-enrolls” in the Fall. She cannot file a claim because she “should have gotten a letter” which did not happen…..???

I hear the candidates mention repealing the Act but nothing about how it is being run by our Democrat[ic] friends.

This is a debacle!

How has Obamacare impacted you and your family? What position do you want the Presidential candidates to take? Comment below or email me at craig@craighuey.com

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  1. We’d dearly love to hire another person in our company. However, between the payroll taxes, insurance, and general regulatory environment here……no.

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