Leaving Town: Flood of Businesses, Working People and Retirees Exiting Pro-Socialist States

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Folks are “getting out of Dodge” in record numbers…

The mass exit from high-tax, pro-socialist states to states with greater freedom is escalating.

States with high taxes, oppressive regulations … and more “nanny state” laws are chasing people out.


Because the socialist states kill jobs, stifle business growth, and choke entrepreneurial opportunities…

Innovation, entrepreneurs and start-up companies are crushed…

Costs of starting and running businesses go way up.

Utility costs in socialist states are often double what they are in other states.

Retirees on fixed incomes can’t handle the high cost of living in socialist states.

High housing costs hurt everyone – especially young people.

Crime and homelessness also are chasing people away.

In New Jersey, 44% of the adult population is looking to flee the state.

In Connecticut, 50% of the residents want to move away.

And in California:

  • 52% of the residents are thinking of leaving the Golden State.
  • For 58% of those thinking of leaving, it’s because of the high taxes.
  • High housing costs are a factor for 71% of those wanting to leave.

California politics also influences those thinking of leaving:

  • 38% of California Democrats are thinking of leaving
  • 55% of Independents are considering moving out
  • 71% of Republicans are thinking of leaving

The percentages are similar based on political philosophy:

  • About 39% of liberals are thinking of leaving
  • 66% of those who are “somewhat conservative” are considering leaving
  • 74% of the “very conservative” are thinking of moving out of state

Those who are thinking of leaving California are about evenly split between African-Americans (58%) and whites (56%).

A few more men (54%) than women (50%) are thinking of leaving California.

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6 Comments on “Leaving Town: Flood of Businesses, Working People and Retirees Exiting Pro-Socialist States”

  1. Hi Craig! I left CA as soon as I retired (11/17) and since I’m on a small pension, we high-tailed it to AZ where there are a lot of veterans and Trump-supporting conservatives! I never looked back!

  2. Headed to Texas in June, we can sell our house here in CA, and make $200,000.00 to$250,000.00 in equity, going to be able to pay cash for a house in Witchita Falls Texas.

  3. Back in the 80s, then too, there was a big exodus of Californians moving to Oregon. They gobbled up the cheap real estate and forced housing prices to escalate. The greedy on both sides caused that the average Oregonian couldn’t afford to buy a home and they blamed Cali folks for it. Look at Oregon’s liberal socialistic bend. It used to be a very conservative state.

    Instead let’s stay and make a difference. Take Cali back!
    Something to chew on.

  4. I have considered leaving California, however I don’t have the means to, nor is there jobs in the subfield I want to get into.

    I have two cousins leaving CA: one moving to AZ the other to CO. Their sibling and her family have lived in ID for several years.

    Re Zonia: Its easy to say stay and take California back, but I feel our top-two voting system tends to favor the status quo. Add in elections/voter fraud (I’m thinking illegal aliens voting and shenanigans with computer voting machines and less-local voting centers) and it would be impossible to change.

  5. I agree with Zonia. Why should I leave the place I love to live because of the hypocritical political party in place now. We have the power to change that party by getting out to vote and encouraging others to get out to vote them out! We must stand up and fight! Don’t give up! My daughter moved to the Austin TX area which is extremely liberal (and scary). I have noticed that everywhere the hypocrites are running things the homeless situation is worse, the price of housing is high and kids aren’t safe in what is being taught in school. That’s socialism for you. I intend to stay and make a difference in every way I can. I believe our President is working to help us here in Cali. You can follow Congressman Devin Nunes’s Podcast to hear more about it.

  6. Let’s stay and fight for California! There are no guarantees that wherever you choose to flee to won’t be taken over by the liberals, just as Oregon, Austin, TX., and other places have been. We can’t let them keep pushing us out. Stand up, speak out, and fight back!!

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