How Democratic Socialist are Destroying the Cities [Must see video on San Francisco]

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Across America, socialist policies in the cities have failed.

This is very self-evident in Democratic socialist ran cities.

The crime.

The homeless.

The poverty.

All are a result of a collectivist, or statist ideology…socialism.

Take San Francisco.

Corruption. Incompetence and failed socialist ideas have destroyed city life.

Housing. Cost of living. Traffic. Services. Its failed policies and bureaucracies are destroying lives, not helping.

30-years ago, I loved to go there for conferences and vacation.

20-years ago, I stopped going for vacations, the socialist policies have destroyed the city so badly.

10-years ago, I stopped going to conferences and conventions and business meetings in San Francisco.

Why? Watch this short, just over 6-minute video and see why?

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2 Comments on “How Democratic Socialist are Destroying the Cities [Must see video on San Francisco]”

  1. It’s incredibly sad how the liberals have let the citizens down. Most of the homeless are substance abusers or mentally ill, or both, and need help, not a handout so that they can continue to abuse themselves. The voters in these liberal cities need to look at cities run by conservatives and learn how to deal with problems like this. Not including CA, since the Communist government in Sacramento have mandated giving the homeless everything, so that conservative cities have their hands tied.

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