Economic Growth:  Jobs vs. Higher Taxes

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The debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is for higher taxes and regulations. But making the government bigger will only make things worse!

Here are the good critiques worth watching.

This video is about 4 minutes.

2 Comments on “Economic Growth:  Jobs vs. Higher Taxes”

  1. The video was SOP socialist/globalists – trying to outdo each other to see who can promise more largess to bankrupt America, then reengineer it according to their worldview. Perspective tyrants for whom rhetoric of equality functionally equates to ‘equality of tyranny for all,’ except for the entitled ruling elite.

    The debate I’d rather see though, is a debate between a true GOP conservative which is necessarily a constitutionalist, and on the opposing side Ted Cruz. I already know Donald Trump is not a constitutionalist which is problematic, though the anti-establishment side of Trump is intensely necessary and desirable if America is going to change trajectory away from national suicide at the hands of ‘establishment’ Democrats and ‘establishment’ GOP conservative impostors who all function dialectically as ‘two opposing sides on the same coin’

    Different from Trump, is that Cruz continually claims ‘constitutionalism.’ Something for which there is a specific measure called ‘the original intent of Americas amended constitution.’ A measured by which Cruz’s record of governance has fallen well beyond imperfection and into ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionism and global-engineering at the expense of America. If Crews has truly chosen to move away from his past constitutional-schizophrenia, and to honoring the oath of office he took to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution, it would be nice if he had waited to run for president until he had a multi year verifiable track record in this regard.

    The fear being that, Cruz may be using Christian and conservative rhetoric now, in similar fashion to how George Bush Senior and Junior used conservative rhetoric before they were elected. Presidents who used conservative and Christian rhetoric as veneer to cover their unconstitutional governance that has proven to be highly destructive to America, albeit less destructive then would have been the case had Democrats been elected. Presidents whose conservative and Christian rhetoric was occasionally interrupted during speeches before Congress and on television by their the use of the phrase ‘new world order.’ A phrase in direct conflict with their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. GOP voters should have policed their own political party when they heard this phrase used by demanding their president strictly adhered to constitutional and refrain from global-engineering.

    The issue being that, while Democrats debate who is going to destroy our constitutional-republic faster and replace it with some form of tyranny, Republicans no longer represent a party that turns back the destructive governance of Democrats and pulls America back on a trajectory toward restoration as it once did when it adhered to the constitution.

    But the most destructive variable bringing America down has been the pulpits of America editing the Bible to ensure 98 million people claiming Christ rarely represent their God and government or society. This created the very ‘Christ-void’ that destroys our society and government. It maintains our generation on a trajectory to being known before God and man as the generation that sacrificed our children and grandchildren at the altar of our denial and ‘works’ deficient religion.

    It is post 1800s Christianity that finds Christ worth reading and talking about, but not worth representing in government and society that destroys America. Democrat-socialists debating how they will destroy America are merely a symptom of the ‘Christ-void’ created by a version of Christianity fixated on what God will do for us, at the expense of glorifying Christ with ‘works’ including representing Christ in our representative government.

    Consider asking your pastor or priest to begin applying the word of God to the obligation to represent Christ in government and society. Moreover, consider asking them just why it is they have not found the ‘God given inalienable rights’ that have been continually stolen away from Christians throughout the past century worth applying the word of God to, when Shepherd’s are obligated to protect their sheep both spiritually and physically?

  2. Mexico has experienced one cycle after another of people getting elected after promising the citizens more and more free stuff and to end the corruption. Then when elected, the cycle of corruption continues. You would think Americans would learn by the history of Mexico not to go there, but here we go. And unfortunately, even though I’ve switched from voting Democrat to Republican, the Republicans never seen to put America back on the right track. It’s very scary that there’s even a socialist allowed to run for president in America, it can only move us closer to becoming more like Mexico.

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