Trump’s Second Impeachment: 11 Little-Known Facts Every American Should Know

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Impeachment… an unprecedented second time for former President Trump…

Many are confused about:

  • Whether there should be an impeachment trial against former President Trump.
  • Whether it’s constitutional to impeach a president who is no longer in office.
  • Whether Trump is innocent or guilty of the accusation against him.

Central to all three of the questions above is this: Was President Trump responsible for the Capitol riot and mob invasion on January 6, 2021?

Let’s take a quick look… recognizing that the news media, social media and Big Tech have only provided one slanted, biased point of view.

Here are 11 little-known facts the media is not reporting:

1. President Trump did not incite the riot by his speech on January 6th.

The media says Trump incited a mob to insurrection. The politicians keep repeating this narrative. But it’s not true. It’s a distortion of fact and reality.

He gave the same speech on January 6th that he had previously given on multiple occasions.

President Trump has never encouraged or called for violent protests. He has always been against violence.

In addition:

  • President Trump began his speech around noon.
  • He finished his speech at 1:11pm and asked people to peacefully go to the Capitol.
  • The Capitol break-in and riot began at 12:53pm – while President Trump was still speaking… and before he asked anyone to go to the Capitol -peacefully.
  • It takes about 45 minutes to walk from the White House to the Capitol building.
  • There were about 450,000 peaceful supporters at the White House speech.
  • Only a few hundred violently broke into the Capitol building…200 who are now under investigation for violence.

John Solomon says: “A dozen FBI affidavits supporting charges against the more than 200 defendants show rioters engaged in advance planning on social media sites” with “early actions dating back to November.”

Trump cannot be guilty of inciting a “spontaneous riot” that other people had been planning for months. Trump cannot be guilty of single-handedly causing violence that security officials in Washington knew was possible but failed to prepare for.

2. The Capitol riot was pre-planned to be a violent attack.

The planners were criminals and crazed, violent people. They tried to recruit others to support them through social media.

Those who were involved in breaking into the Capitol building were:

  • Members of Antifa-type groups
  • Crazy, violent people who were fringe Trump supporters
  • Trump supporters who should have known better than to break into a federal building, but got caught up in the emotion of the moment and failed to use common sense

The FBI knew and warned the Capitol police about the violent groups using the Trump rally to do violence. The warning for some reason was ignored.

3. President Trump wrongly believed Vice President Pence could change the Electoral College vote based on states having potential voter fraud.

Vice President Mike Pence followed the Constitution and did the right thing.

President Trump was given wrong information about what could be done on the day of certifying the Electoral College vote. Pence followed constitutional scholars and historical precedent. As a result of being misinformed, Trump was upset with Mike Pence…and told the world so.

4. This impeachment is political theater only.

The Democrats say they want to bring healing to the country. Yet their actions say that all they want to do is to embarrass Donald Trump and all 74 million voters who voted for him.

It takes a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate to reach a conviction in an impeachment trial. This means 17 Republican Senators would have to join all 50 Democrats in voting to convict.

45 Senators have already declared the impeachment trial to be unconstitutional.

It’s a waste of time and money.

Why do this? The Trump-haters selfishly want to:

  1. Attack and discourage 74 million Trump voters
  2. Win political points for 2022
  3. Destroy Trump’s policies and legacy

5. The impeachment trial is unconstitutional.

The purpose of impeachment is to remove a president or other official from office while they are still in office.

Conducting an impeachment trial of a private citizen or former President is unconstitutional.

The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court is required to act as judge in an impeachment trial. But Chief Justice John Roberts refused to conduct the trial because it is not constitutional.

The Senate Democrat majority and six Republican senators voted that it was constitutional. But they are doing this for political theater…

And, Trump had no trial in the House, no witnesses…it was a partisan sham. No due process.

6. It’s impeachment for free speech the Democrat Socialists didn’t like, not incitement to riot.

450,000 people peacefully gathered to protest and hear speakers they wanted to hear, including President Trump.

Free speech about voter fraud and fair elections is not incitement to riot.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley pointed out that Democrats are violating the basic tenets of free speech. “Trump did not call for the use of force,” Turley wrote. “He told supporters to go ‘peacefully’ and to ‘cheer on’ his allies in Congress.

Case closed.

You can’t impeach for opinion or free speech.

7. There have been lots of lies, innuendos and claims of knowing Trump’s motives. We must keep to facts.

The politicians and media make it sound as if an armed group of Trump supporters were trying to kill members of Congress and take over the government.

This is not true.

8. Descriptions of the Capitol riot are fear-driven and over-the-top.

I hope everyone involved in the Capitol Hill riot, and those who illegally entered the Capitol, get full punishment. Those who committed violence and destruction should receive full justice.

But this mob action – similar to what’s happened in most every major city with no condemnation by the Democrats – is being called as bad as 9/11, Pearl Harbor or Gettysburg.

One media outlet equated it to genocide.

Its so over-the-top, it loses credibility. It’s distorting reality. What happened was wrong and bad. But not America’s worst violence.

9. Trump will not be convicted.

It takes two-thirds of senators to convict Trump of the article of impeachment, which means 17 Republicans would have to join all 50 Democrats. It won’t happen.

10. This trial may change America’s history.

The trial – especially if Trump is convicted — will result in future Presidents being impeached for partisan, frivolous reasons.

It sets a bad precedent for going after any political opponents to silence and destroy them.

11. Action to take.

  1. Call your local congressional representative by calling 202-225-3121 — or you can call the two Senators from your state at 202-224-3121 — and object to the impeachment of a former president.
  • Make special calls to the most likely Republicans to vote for impeachment!

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9 Comments on “Trump’s Second Impeachment: 11 Little-Known Facts Every American Should Know”

  1. First, if we patriotic, red-blooded Americans (by the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands and not the actual few hundred) were engaged in an insurrection and gained control of the capitol building like we are being accused of, why would we give up and go home regardless of whether President Trump asked us to or not?

    Second, re: #3 – This is the first I’m hearing that the Vice President followed the Constitution. Really? There are no doubt millions of Americans who have lost trust in Pence and will not accept him as Vice President in a second term whether (Lord willing) later this year or in 2024 (which will probably be an impossibility if this fraudulent election is allowed to stand).

  2. My representative is Tony Cardenas. He is just another dirty dem. He went along with the impeachment in the House and sent me a letter as to why it was a must to do so. He lied. Cardenas is just another dirty dem soldier who marches in lockstep with the other Leftists. And our senators are also really dirty dems. There is no sense in writing to them to object to the trial. Finally, my name is Jay L. Stern. Somehow, I receive email from you addressed to “Andrew.” Please correct this. Respectfully, Jay.

  3. Regarding your opening paragraph, I watched a good portion of the trial on Friday and that’s one of the points Trump’s attorney made, that what happened at the Capitol wasn’t an insurrection, the rioters didn’t have a plan to take control of the government, nor did their efforts indicate a takeover of the government.

  4. I believe that any judge that said it’s not enough votes to make a difference, don’t have standing or it’s to late were just using that as a cop out. All election fraud should be investigated. I also believe the cheaters cheated in many different ways hoping we wouldn’t discover enough ways they cheated to get anything overturned.
    I have 35 years experience repairing computers and also have written programs in several different programming languages. It would be very easy to go to the customer (government) and say you have an update that has to be installed. Install a program that changes the votes and a change that removes your change when they are done tabulating the votes and they run their housekeeping routines that back things up. You’ve changed the election and the customer has removed the evidence unknowingly.

  5. Wow, there sure are a lot of people drinking the koolaid you’re serving, Craig. Are you STILL pushing the Big Lie about a stolen Election? Also, did you watch the videos shown during the impeachment trial? I noticed that a lot of Republican Senators couldn’t be bothered with watching them. They were likely already having enough trouble handling the cognitive dissonance going on in their compromised minds. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatever a man sows he’ll reap. Trump and his Republican and Evangelical enablers have sown the wind and are sure to reap the whirlwind.

  6. So Joe, President Trump was unabashedly the most pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-energy independent, pro-conservative judiciary, pro-religious freedom, pro-lower cost pharmaceutical, pro-immigration reform, and pro-America, president in my lifetime. I’m 67. I get it. You don’t like Trump. He probably wouldn’t like you, and maybe he wouldn’t like me. But it doesn’t make any difference to me. I voted for him because I like what he stood for, those positions I listed above. I did not vote in a personality contest. It was a presidential election. There was no other option for Christians who voted. Trump or who else? Biden-Harris? Christians don’t vote for candidates who are the most pro-abortion of any candidates to ever run for president and VP, and win. Something is awfully messed up with a country and it’s citizens to allow this to happen.

  7. In regards to voter fraud: I was watching the count on the news as they scrolled the updates from different areas at the bottom of the screen. The numbers went through once, then started through again and I noticed that one area for Trump had suddenly lost thousands of votes since it had scrolled through before. Tell me THAT isn’t fraudulent!?

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