Shocking: Judge Rules It’s Unlawful for Trump to End Illegal DACA Program

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We are witnessing the complete breakdown of law and order in the United States of America…

When a U.S. president and U.S. district court judges make rules based on their own opinions and preferences – not based on existing U.S. law – what’s the point of having laws?

After repeatedly – and rightly – stating that it would be unconstitutional – and therefore illegal – for him to unilaterally change immigration law, President Obama – by Executive Order – created the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program on June 15, 2012.

It was an unconstitutional abuse of executive power over the legislative authority of Congress.

It was supposed to be a temporary program…

Now that President Trump wants to phase out the program, a U.S. district court judge has ruled it would be unlawful for him to do so.

The judge is saying President Trump doesn’t have the executive authority to rescind an illegal executive order.

The hypocrisy and insanity of progressive judges knows no bounds…

It’s more important than ever to have judges that will follow the U.S. Constitution and existing laws … and that do not legislate from the bench.

This is why the June primary and the November mid-term elections this year are so very important:

  • The voters in each county elect superior court judges for their county.
  • Procedures vary from state to state, but generally state governors appoint supreme court, appellate court, and state district court judges … and fill vacancies in county superior courts. Supreme court and appellate judge appointments must be approved by a judicial nominating commission which often includes the state attorney general.
  • The president – with Senate confirmation – appoints federal district judges.

Your vote is important!

If you live in California, please consult our voting guide for the statewide offices and for the Superior Court judges in you county:


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