Trump vs. the Pope? Or the Media vs. Truth? [Video]

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One of the key stops on President Trump’s visit was the smallest country in the world – the Vatican.
If you saw or read the Facebook/TV reports, you’d think a drama of historic proportions happened.

President Trump shared a private audience in the Vatican with Pope Francis. A picture taken during their time together shows a smiling president next to a somber-faced pope.

Millions of results pop up if you Google search “trump frowning pope photo.”

What is the truth?

What type of confrontation was there?

What did Trump do wrong now?

Late night talk show hosts mocked the President as an avalanche of memes and caustic reports on the picture flooded the Internet.

However, the photographer who took the picture told Time Magazine a different story.

Evan Vucci recalled: “The mood in the room, it didn’t seem somber. the pope was smiling. They were sort of talking. Nothing seemed unusual to me or out of the ordinary.”

Other pictures from their meeting show the pope and the president smiling as they talked and exchanged gifts.
Watch this expose of the facts and truths. Only about 6.5 minutes.  It puts everything into perspective.

Also check out these relevant videos of the visit between President Trump and the Pope:

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  1. thank you for exposing the “newspeak” that Big Brother (aka main stream media) would like us to see.

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