Outrageous: The Truth About the CIA/NSA/FBI the Media Won’t Tell You

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Outrageous: The Truth About the CIA/NSA/FBI the Media Won’t Tell You

You should not trust the CIA/NSA/FBI.

They have become political, not professional.

First, let me be clear. We need a strong and modern intelligence service in our very dangerous world.

And I support the patriotic, dedicated members of the intelligence community that works hard and makes sacrifices for the safety of American and protection of freedom.

But I am opposed to … even sickened by … the liberal politicization of the leadership and the bureaucracy of our intelligence community.

I am skeptical about Obama appointees who have a political ideology that dominates their worldview and activities.

  1. The CIA under John Brennan is filled with radical left-wing appointees from the Obama Administration., all who wanted to transform America into a different nation.

They advanced a foreign policy which was pro-Islamic, pro-socialist. Nothing in the interests of America … or freedom … or capitalism.

  1. James Clapper, head of the NSA, was appointed by Barack Obama in 2010. His liberal goals have been to misuse power at the expense of freedom and privacy of American citizens. He lied to the American people about NSA spying on Americans and meta-data collection. He also lied about protecting our emails from cyber-attacks.

CIA logo (Credit: Center of Security Policy)

  1. James Comey was appointed by George W. Bush, one his worst mistakes. Comey’s history with the FBI has given liberals much to celebrate:


  • His decision not to indict Hillary Clinton for misusing classified information on a private email server
  • His decision not to investigate a private meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch
  • His refusal to investigate corruption or pay-for-play in connection with the Clinton Foundation
  • His silence following the Department of Justice’s decision to hack the phone records of AP reporters
  • His absence during President Barack Obama and then-Attorney General for Operation Fast and Furious, a gun-running operation which led to the death of a federal law enforcement agent.

And it’s mostly the unethical fake news about President Trump, which was leaked to the press by these agencies.

And much more.

Can we trust or believe any of these men? Can we trust or believe the people working under them?


These agencies have become corrupted and completely politicized.

They have turned into Obama’s intelligence agencies … not independent, not objective, and partisan to the core. They need to be cleared out, and new leadership and staff—ethical, principled, faithful to the Constitution—must be sworn in to replace them.

President Trump needs to drain the Intelligence Agency swamp and bring a fresh, new professional class to lead.

What’s your reaction to this? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

7 Comments on “Outrageous: The Truth About the CIA/NSA/FBI the Media Won’t Tell You”

  1. There is no question that our Intelligence (?) Agencies have been compromised and their findings are questionable. We need to perform a procedure similar to a Mohs Skin surgery where you have to start at the top and peel off layer by layer until you reach a non cancerous layer.

  2. It truly is a tragedy that the organizations designed to protect our freedoms and constitutional way of life has aligned itself with the libtards to in an effort to bring us into a government controlled socialism. As a 30+ year retired military man having defended the freedoms of this nation it sickens me to see the violations of these organizations aligned with the liberal media and liberals of this great nation. Hopefully the voice of the middle class with the election of Mr. Trump will resonate a resounding change to Make America Great Again and of the current way of doing business in DC will disappear..

  3. Yes Sir!, You have communicated the deplorable condition of our intelligence gathering entities very concisely. I am in total agreement with you and your assessment in totality! Let’s bring on the “Trump Train” to Washington and through out all branches of Government and intimately, to All! of America!!! I am a California, Reagan Republican!!! Yes! Some good things, do come out of California! The only bullet train we want here, is the “Trump Bullet Train for Change” !!!

  4. Not for “Change” , for “CORRECTION”. We’ve had too many years of CHANGE and look where it’s brought us. It’s time to Correct and bring this nation and it’s values back to what it once was.

  5. I heard so many comments that James Comey, leader of the FBI, was above party politics and was a straight-arrow, honest leader. YEAH RIGHT! And I got a bridge for sale, cheap, cash on the barrelhead. Then why oh why did he say that Hillary had broken the law and yet DID NOTHING ABOUT IT?? If someone “breaks the law” what is supposed to happen?? Yes….they get punished, just like everybody. Except Hillary was and is “above the law” it seems. I would hope that President Trump changes his mind about not pursuing Hillary for criminal behavior, because SHE DESERVES TO BE IN PRISON, along with Eric Holder.

  6. President Trump will not pursuing Hillary for criminal behavior; that is the job of the NEW Justice Department and the New Attorney General. Trump was using a play on words to allow the rats to settle down and prevent them from running across the border or overseas.

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