Breaking News: President Trump’s First Supreme Court Appointee Announced

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Breaking News: President Trump's First Supreme Court Appointee Announced

Tonight is a great night for religious liberty … and our country.

President Trump kept his promise. It’s just been announced that he has chosen Neil Gorsuch to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Why is this important?

You see, the #1 reason conservatives, the faith community, and so many concerns Americans voted for Donald Trump was his promise to nominate a strict constructionist to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

You win.

American wins.

Our freedoms win.

Our constitution, our society, and our government have been terribly transformed by a judicial activist Supreme Court which believes in legislating from the bench.

In contrast, a strict constructionist or a conservative judge interprets the law and applies the Constitution as written based on its original context.

What is at stake with Trump’s nomination?

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s death opened up a crucial swing seat on the Supreme Court. If another judicial activist was appointed, the court would have taken on an aggressively activist, left-leaning tilt.

The assault on religious liberties would have been horrible. The court, not Congress, would have been passing laws. The Court would have transformed America in a terrible way.


Neil Gorisuch

But with Gorsuch, the court will take on a more balanced, constitutionalist bent, leaning toward judicial restraint.

This current nominee is so important:

  1. Gorsuch is young.
  2. He can serve for 30-40 years.
  3. He is well-respected among conservative and liberal jurists.
  4. He has a long academic pedigree from Columbia University and Harvard Law School.
  5. This nominee has a solid judicial record on the following issues:
  • Freedom of speech and the press
  • Freedom of religion/conscience
  • Second Amendment
  • State sovereignty
  • The Commerce Clause
  • Limitation of the Administrative State
  • Avoiding Radical Environmentalism
  • Commonsense Immigration

Gorsuch has one of the strongest records on religious liberty.

He ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby when the corporation challenged Obamacare’s abortion and birth-control mandates.

He wrote a powerful dissent when the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Little Sisters of the Poor

He also wrote in favor of bans on assisted suicide.

He is a vocal strict constructionist, and rejects any notion that judges should create law.

Please pray for Neil Gorsuch. Pray for a quick appointment by the U.S. Senate. Pray that he will be effective in preventing the judicial activists already on the bench.

Please let me know what you think. Email me at and we will print responses in our next edition of Reality Alert.


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