Bigoted Truth Against Christians: Supreme Court Nomination Filled with Hate Speech from Washington and the Progressive Media

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If you listen to the politicians or the progressive media, they are going ballistic – including attacking Christians for their faith…

It’s sad that in America – the beacon of religious liberty – the progressives hate … and are so intolerant of … those with Christian beliefs.

A good example of this is Senator Dianne Feinstein, who said, “Dogma and law are tow different things. And I think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. The law is totally different…”

Now that a historic Supreme Court nomination is about to take place, bigotry against Christians is again on the rise … this time in relationship to federal appeals court judge Amy Coney Barrett

Judge Barrett is one of the finalists on President Trump’s short list for replacing retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Her academic and professional credentials are impeccable:

  • Graduate of Notre Dame Law School
  • Appellate court clerkship
  • Supreme court clerkship with Justice Antonin Scalia
  • Professor at Notre Dame Law School
  • Federal appeals court judge on the 7th circuit

But there’s just one problem in the minds of progressives that totally disqualifies her from ever serving as a Supreme Court Justice…

She’s a devout Catholic Christian … and has been linked to an ecumenical parachurch group called “People of Praise.”

People of Praise teaches that husbands are the heads of their households … and that they are tasked with being the spiritual leaders of their wives.

Progressives refer to People of Praise as a “secretive religious cult.”

So – in their minds – Judge Barrett is a member of a religious cult…

The progressive media and Democratic politicians attacked Barrett relentlessly for her Christian faith during her Senate confirmation hearing last year for the 7th circuit court of appeals – and they’re doing it again now.

A former Obama White House staffer and evangelical author warns that the obvious religious bigotry expressed by Democrats could backfire badly in the next general election.

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3 Comments on “Bigoted Truth Against Christians: Supreme Court Nomination Filled with Hate Speech from Washington and the Progressive Media”

  1. Although Judge Barrett may be a cultist (i.e., Roman Catholic), no doubt she is a fine constitutionalist and certainly would be a worthy nominee for SCOTUS. Christians will simply have to pray for her salvation in the meantime.

  2. Reply to Rick…. & to others
    I know quite a few Catholic Christians who are genuine “born-again” believers. Though I know that not ALL are, any more than it’s a guarantee that everyone who attends my own church has their act “fully together” with the Lord. We’re definitely ALL “a work in progress” when it comes to our Christian walk.
    But, as you stated, Judge Amy Barrett has good credentials and is well-qualified for this high government position, should she be appointed to serve our nation in this capacity.
    It would do our country well if EVERY person who served in office would have and hold on to good, Godly morals as they serve – including those who interpret the law in judicial chambers. All need our continued prayers.

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