Biden vs. Trump on Religious Liberty: 6 Differences Every Voter Should Know

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The historic attack on Christian liberty – along with its demise or its preservation – is on the ballot in this election.

Here are 6 differences between the religious liberty viewpoints of Donald Trump and Joe Biden:

1. Pro-freedom vs. Anti-freedom judges.

President Trump has appointed over 200 federal judges and has nominated 3 Supreme Court justices. All of his appointees and nominees believe the role of judges and justices is to determine the constitutionality of laws based on the original meaning of the Constitution – they are in this sense strict constructionists. They do not believe it is proper for judges to reconstruct or reinterpret the Constitution based on cultural changes.

Joe Biden pledges to appoint judges who are judicial activists – who believe it is proper for judges to create laws and regulations from the bench. Biden doesn’t believe in “originalism” or “strict constructionism.” He believes the Constitution is a “living, breathing” document that should be reinterpreted for the culture in which we are living in the 21st century.

When judges legislate from the bench and create new laws, here’s what happens:

  • The judiciary usurps the law-making role of Congress.
  • The separation of powers of the three branches of the federal government is blurred.
  • The religious liberty protections of the First Amendment are undermined.

2. Protecting the consciences of Christian business owners and employees.

President Trump doesn’t believe Christian business owners or employees should have to contradict their convictions or violate their consciences because of anti-discrimination laws.

He used the Department of Justice to defend the Christian baker Jack Phillips who was sued over and over again for disobeying Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws.

Trump believes Christian business owners should be able to live their faith in their businesses without having to compromise their beliefs to accommodate those who are not willing to tolerate those beliefs.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, wants to force Christian business owners to conform to social views that violate their faith.

3. Protecting parental school choice for homeschooling or Christian schools.

President Trump ordered the Department of Justice to protect religious schools from being charged with discrimination. He supports school choice for parents.

Joe Biden opposes school choice and supports a federal takeover of education and education policy.

4. Helping the persecuted church and advancing religious freedom worldwide.

President Trump appointed Sam Brownback to be the Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.

He also – along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – established an annual Ministerial on Religious Freedom in which hundreds of heads of state and government leaders from 150 countries around the world gather in Washington, D.C. to be encouraged to promote religious freedom in their respective countries.

Joe Biden has expressed no interest in promoting religious freedom around the world, or in holding countries responsible which persecute Christians and other religious minorities, by instituting sanctions or withholding certain types of aid.

5. First Amendment rights for pastors.

President Trump suspended enforcement by the IRS of the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which has prohibited pastors from speaking about political candidates and their political positions from the pulpit.

This is a free speech issue. Pastors should be able to speak freely from the pulpit about politics and public policy without fear of the church losing its tax exempt status.

Joe Biden doesn’t believe pastors should have free speech rights on the subjects of politics and political campaigns. He supports the Johnson Amendment.

6. Church closures and lockdowns.

President Trump and Joe Biden couldn’t have more opposite views on this subject.

President Trump supports opening churches for indoor services and ministries.

He favors opening the entire country while maintaining reasonable safety precautions for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Biden is in favor of church closures and business lockdowns until “we get a handle on this thing.” Whatever that means.

Biden accuses the president of not having a “plan” to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. But Biden hasn’t articulated his own plan.

Do you want to know how to vote on the confusing propositions, judges, and all the candidates? You can check out our voter guide on election, click here to view.

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3 Comments on “Biden vs. Trump on Religious Liberty: 6 Differences Every Voter Should Know”

  1. Bottom line if you are a Christian you cannot vote Democrat! If you do, you are voting for murder of innocent life, Homosexuality, destruction of the family, and a Communist Government. Vote your Christian Values! Trump 2020 & Red Wave.

  2. Thank you Craig for all you do for Values Voters of all Denominations . I have worked for & with you on your campaigns and many many other Campaigns in the South Bay …I know the work you put into the research first hand …..I have used your Election Forum as a “tool for information I can trust ” for more years than I can count . Very helpful with candidates and what THEY actually believe in …especially the Judges (that we have very little info on publicly )…BUT also the Propositions …thanks to you I throw away the fliers that bombard us …all contradicting one another …With your well researched data I am able to see what candidates truly believe (from your interviews) & for what judges rule like (based on actual rulings & what propositions ARE IN LINE WITH MY PERSONAL BELIEFS . I live in the Antelope Valley now ..I have passed your Election Forum Materials out to everyone I know . I know people who have NOT voted because of lack of trust …who now voted this year ….NEXT ELECTION I WANT TO INVITE YOU TO OUR VALLEY ….Farthest North in LA County . I thank you & Shelley for ALL YOU DO to get the real facts out there . GOD BLESS YOU BOTH and Be Safe …..Sam & Donna Meisenholder from Manhattan Beach days

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