Undemocratic: Banning President Trump from the 2020 Ballot

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It’s ridiculous. But they are dead serious…

17 states are trying to take President Trump off their 2020 presidential ballot.


Politics. Pure and simple.

It’s because Trump’s enemies are demanding he release his income tax returns to the public.

There is no law that requires presidential candidates – or sitting presidents for that matter – to release their tax returns to the public.

Although it’s been common practice since the 1970s, candidate Donald Trump broke the tradition in 2016 by claiming he couldn’t release his returns because they were being audited by the IRS.

According to the U.S. Constitution, the requirements for presidential candidates are:

  • Must be a natural-born citizen of the United States
  • Must have been a resident of the U.S. for 14 years
  • Must be 35 years of age or older

That’s it. Congress can’t add to the constitutional criteria through federal legislation.

The only way presidential candidates can be forced to release their tax returns is through a constitutional amendment to Article II … which would require ratification by three-fourths – currently 38 – of the state legislatures.

Bills to exclude President Trump from the 2020 ballot have passed the state senate in California, Hawaii, Illinois and Washington.

These Blue States are out of line. They complain about the Russians – and Donald Trump – attacking our democracy…

But these Democrat-controlled state legislatures are the real attackers and defilers of our democracy … our Constitution … and the will of the American people.

Voters knew in 2016 that Trump wasn’t going to release his tax returns … and enough voted for him anyway to elect his president.

Whether you like President Trump or not, this kind of political retaliation is wrong.

If you agree, watch for our upcoming petition to let your elected state representatives know what you think.

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7 Comments on “Undemocratic: Banning President Trump from the 2020 Ballot”

  1. I am so disgusted with the left’s political shenanigans I wish they’d leave President Trump alone. He was elected fairly by at least half the population of the United States. As far as I know there has never been anything like this in the history of the presidency. Stop it already!

  2. Craig has cited three requirements enshrined in the Constitution to hold the US presidency. But these same left-wing radicals have already forced us to live for 8 years under a usurper who is not a natural born citizen! Because he ran, 3 Republicans who were not eligible ran in 2016 (tho fortunately none of them was nominated), and we have yet another Dem who has announced for 2020 but is not eligible — Kamala Harris!

    We have so-called “legal experts” pointing us to the 14th Amendment to say these people are eligible, but the 14th merely says that those born or naturalized in the US “are citizens.” It stops there; it does not say “natural born citizens.” Yet the very representative who is considered to be the “primary architect” of the 14th A said this about NB citizenship: “A natural born citizen is one whose parentS [meaning both] are citizens and owe no allegiance to any foreign sovereignty.” That was John Bingham (R-OH), who served from the end of the Civil War until 1873.

    As for tax returns, the 4th Amendment clearly states that “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, PAPERS, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated ….” The Dems have no “probable cause” to obtain his financial info — their demands are nothing more than a fishing expedition! If they want the returns, let’s see the returns filed by every Dem making such demand, starting with Pelosi, Shumer, and all currently declared candidates! Personally, I’d rather see their birth certificates and the BCs of their parents!

    Clearly, the Dems are spoiled brats who are determined if they can’t have their way on everything, they’re going to destroy what was the greatest country in the world!

  3. If any state is successful in keeping Trump’s name off the 2020 ballot, I propose a massive write-in campaign. If more than half of a state’s voters write in his name and vow to sue if those votes are not counted, either we will see the votes counted or — hopefully not — the start of a 2nd Civil War.

    Alternatively, if Trump is officially nominated by the Republican party in 2020 and any state keeps him off their ballot, I propose that that state’s votes simply not be counted for the Electoral College.

  4. I’m glad I live in Arizona but everytime I see a car license plate from Commiefornia I cringe. Don’t bring your libtard B.S. to our state

  5. Can’t a state (such as California) who may succeed in getting Trump’s name off the 2020 ballot be sued BEFORE the election? If so, can an a court be forced to make a swift(er) decision? Perhaps the issue can be taken directly to the Supreme Court? After watching Dr. Taitz struggle to fight the Deep State for many years against “Barack Obama” being in the White House, maybe we should raise a fuss before the election, too!

  6. Yes……If there is something to be done to correct this corruption, we NEED to move swiftly. Craig, what can you find out for us?

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