The Deep State Exposed: 12 Horrific Realities You Should Know as a Christian

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Every Christian should know how their rights and freedoms are directly threatened by the Deep State.

The Deep State is a decentralized network of progressive ideologues spread throughout our government…the media…and our culture.

Their dangerous ideology is opposed to Biblical values – and religious freedom. Now, they are abusing their power to rob Christians of their right to practice their faith in their businesses, schools and even homes.

It’s critical that you know how your values are being targeted.

In Chapter 13 of my new book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, you’ll discover “12 Examples of the Deep State’s War on Christianity.”

In this chapter, you’ll be shocked to learn about individual Christians, Christian businesses, and more who have been viciously targeted by the Deep State.

In other chapters of the book, you’ll discover:

  • What is the Deep State? (Chapter 1)
  • Deep State Under-the-Radar Power: Government Employees (Chapter 2)
  • Government Agencies: Politicized and Transformed Into Deep State Strongholds of Influence and Power (Chapter 3)
  • The Bloated Bureaucracy: Fat Paychecks, Socialist Ideology, Waste and Inefficiency (Chapter 4)
  • The Disturbing Weaponization of U.S. Intelligence Agencies: The Deep State in the FBI, CIA and More (Chapter 5)
  • Warning: Judicial Activists are Legislating a Dangerous, Far-Left Ideology From the Bench (Chapter 6)
  • K Street and the Lobbyists: The Invisible Deep State Support Network (Chapter 7)
  • Establishment Republicans: Uneasy Deep-State Allies Betraying Basic Principles (Chapter 8)
  • Unseen, Unknown, Unaccountable! The Unholy Alliance Between the Deep State and Nonprofit Groups (Chapter 9)
  • The Deep State’s Dirty Little Secret: Organizing for Action (OFA) (Chapter 10)
  • Voter Fraud: Earning the Deep State More Votes, More Power…While Trampling on Your Rights and Suppressing your Voice as a Citizen (Chapter 11)
  • The Media: Giving Voice to the Deep State (Chapter 12)
  • The False Hope: Eight Reasons the Deep State Bureaucracy Cannot Be Fixed (Chapter 14)
  • The Deep State: The Road to Socialism (Chapter 15)

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