The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know – My Newest Book is Now on Sale

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The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know…is my latest book.

It’s filled with the shocking truth about what’s happening with our government, plus insights on how to turn this around.

In The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 dangerous strategies the Deep State uses to advance its power at your expense
  • How the Deep State has strategically attacked Christianity and Christian values
  • The Deep State’s #1 most powerful tool to promote its ideological agenda – established under the Obama administration
  • How our government’s intelligence agencies – designed to protect national security – have been politicized and weaponized by the Deep State.
  • And more….

You’ll also learn how to help transform our nation, and fight for pro-freedom, pro- free market and pro-family values.

You can order The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know through Amazon here.

Or order directly from me, online or by check. Click here.


Please buy, write a review on Amazon (very important), and pray that this message gets out.

3 Comments on “The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know – My Newest Book is Now on Sale”

  1. Craig! No matter what we say or do will not stop the demis of AM. I was a teen in the 50’s before Elvis. That AM is gone forever! I have been preaching & starting churches from CA to AK to WASH, DC for 50 yrs & been warning about socialism & the end time beast system that is forming today that takes over AM & the world. Yes! We can delay things for a short time but God has a set time for the end time things to happen! We are in the end times! We should be warning Christians of the great persecution & suffering AM Christians are heading for due to our lukewarmness & hypocracy. Judgment is coming & you can’t stop it. You better watch, pray & live a holy & worthy life, as Gid’s wrath comes on HIS disobedient children first. Blessed be he who comes in the name of the Lord!

  2. “Prophet” Rick,
    The rapture is immanent. There is nothing saying in the Bible that Christian virtues like freedom , wisdom and knowledge should not be fought for. Nothing in the Bible alludes to America going down totally before the rapture…it could, but God always responds to corporate prayer, hence Trump… and being informed of Satan and his ways are part fightingthe battle. As a believer we need to “grow a pair”.
    Keep up the good work Craig!

  3. James! I am not putting Craig down, as I have been praying for him, his family & I have given financial support.& I am thankful for his election info. I call myself what God called me to be that has been confirmed by elders w/ the layngg on of hands (ordination). I am just one of the 5 ministries mentioned in Eph 4:11. Most of the AM church calls their minister pastor or evangelist, but why not the others? Man’s religious traditions make void the Word of God is what Jesus said. As far as fighting for righteousness, I am a Vietnam era veteran, been beaten up by Black Panthers, Hell’s Angels threatened me w/ knives, police forcefully removed me from paid for events, malls, bars, parks, etc. for preaching the Gospel & what have you done? You should study about the rapture (just Google it & you will find 100’s of Christian groups that tell you the true that there is not one. A great site is ‘’. They report on secular articles that discuss world events & then they relate them to Bible prophecies. I don’t agree w/ all they say as no group or myself has all knowledge & understanding of truth. I once believed & taught the rapture theory, but then I studied writings of the early Christian disciples & historians & found out that the rapture theory didn’t even start until the 1800s. Don’t believe me, check it out yourself. Tbere 100s of Christian groups that believe that God’s judgment is coming for AM. Do you think our righteous & just King & Judge will not punish us for the murdering of 5 to 8 innocent babies daily? You shoud study the Old Test & the book of Rev more. Well! If you stand before God some day, you won’t be able to say that HE never tried to warn you. I have spent literally 100s & 100s of hours studying the subjects both the pros & cons, I pray that you will diligently study these truths out before making your ignorant statements. May you be blessed as you obey God!!

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