Shocking: How the FBI Tried to Silence the Pro-Life Movement

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We already knew that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been totally politicized…and infiltrated with progressive ideology.

We knew that leaders at the top echelons of this government agency have attacked the current administration, using spying, manipulation and information leaks.

Now, more shocking news has emerged: FBI leaders are exercising their power to destroy anti-abortion and pro-life activism…silencing any voice that would stand for life.


Reveal-all text messages


Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are the FBI agents who misused a fraudulent dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign to spy on Trump…and try to dig up scandal in the “Russia Investigation.”

Their privately exchanged text messages revealed hatred for Trump…and now, a violent hatred for anti-abortion activists.

In discussing the 2016 March for Life in Washington D.C. – a peaceful demonstration against the legalization of abortion in the U.S. – Strzok and Page said, “I truly hate these people.”

They schemed on how to use their power to “cancel the permit” for this pro-life event, using obscenities to describe the marchers.

The March for Life shows the gruesome and horrific reality of what victims of abortion look like on jumbo screens—exposing truth to thousands of people and bringing light to the murder of the unborn.

Strzok and Page suggested using a “snow emergency” to cancel the permit…suppressing truth and stamping out free speech.

Incidentally, Strzok still works for the FBI.

This is Deep State corruption at its worst…high-level government officials using their authority to advance their own political agenda.

…at the expense of free speech…and life.

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One Comment on “Shocking: How the FBI Tried to Silence the Pro-Life Movement”

  1. This is not really astonishing, if you know that we are in the last part of the end times. Corrupt, liberal communists have been in our gov’t for 100’s of yrs working their agenda to destroy AM & not to just silence true Christians but to kill them. When I preached on the streets of San Fran in the early 70’s, communists use to come up to me saying they have plan to kill people like me. The AM Communist Party, still backed by Russia today, set an agenxa in the 30’s to taKe over AM in 100 yrs. The 2030’s are not to far away. Are you ready to die for Christ like your brother ars in ME & Africa? The end for true Christians is coming before Christ returns. Are you really ready?
    Live holy & glorjfy God i Ll you zay & do!

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