Our Voter Guide Is Being Censored…And Also Our Newsletter

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I have been writing about the censorship that has occurred against us by YouTube, Twitter, and Google. 

They have also censored the Pacific Justice Institute, Dennis Prager and other conservative Christian and Libertarian groups.

Now we have proof after many complaints from subscribers who have been censored and haven’t been able to access the websites for our newsletters.

Our tech team is working to decipher the problem and how to correct it.

At this point, we do not know.

We do know that in the past when the voter guide was up, we did have attacks that brought the site down.

Our voter guides are online now.  You can access the general voter guide here. And you can access the judge voter guide here.

We recommend that you complete your ballots immediately while our website is up.

Here are some things you can do to help:

  1.  If you find our website is not working or our links embedded in our newsletters are not accessible, please email me immediately.
  2. If you visit our website or voter guide at ElectionForum.org or JudgeVoterGuide.com and experience problems accessing, please let me know.
  3. Pray for us. 

During this election time, we need protection from attacks, and we consider this a part of spiritual warfare.

4. Because of the added expense of solving this problem and the necessity to figure out ways to inform people about the voter guide, the costs are increasing quickly. 

If you could contribute $10.00 to the Turn America Around Fund, it would be helpful.

You may donate by clicking here, or call us at 615-814-6633, or mail a check to the fund at:

Election Forum
Attn: Craig Huey
1313 4th Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37208 Let me know what you think. 

Email me at Craig@electionforum.org.

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