Horrifying Deep State Collusion and Corruption Are Being Ignored by the Media

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If you want to know what collusion that affects the outcome of an election looks like, look no further than the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Democratic National Committee.

A joint congressional investigation by members of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has confirmed the following facts:

  • Former FBI general counsel James Baker met with at least one attorney from the DNC’s private law firm before the FBI requested a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page – an unpaid member of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.
  • This same private DNC law firm was used by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to secretly pay Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Trump and members of his campaign.
  • The purpose of the meeting between the FBI and the DNC attorney was to discuss allegations from the Christopher Steele “dossier” of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government to hijack the presidential election.

This evidence confirms the congressional suspicion that the FBI knew the Steele dossier amounted to an opposition-research effort to defeat Trump.


By convincing voters he was a “puppet” of the Vladimir Putin regime … subject to blackmail by the Russian government.

But here’s where it all gets purposely deceptive … perhaps even criminal…

The FBI failed to disclose to the FISA court the source … the funding … and the intended use of the opposition “intelligence” when agents applied for the surveillance warrant to spy on Carter Page.

The use of partisan “intelligence reports” to justify spying on American citizens is why President Trump should declassify all the FBI documents regarding the Russia collusion probe.

This is also why congressional oversight over executive branch federal agencies – including so-called “independent counsels” or prosecutors operating under the Department of Justice – is so vitally important.


Because we can’t expect a special counsel to investigate – and possibly indict for intentional wrongdoing – the same DOJ official who appointed him as special counsel!

Don’t forget – the Deputy Director of the DOJ – the official who appointed the special counsel and instructed him regarding the parameters of his investigation – signed the renewal applications for the FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page.

In my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know, I explain in the first chapter precisely what the Deep State is.

In Chapter 5, I explain how intelligence agencies are weaponized to carry out the Deep State agenda – things you won’t read elsewhere concerning the FBI, CIA and more (see page 61).

Chapter 11 covers voter fraud … explaining Deep State strategies and tactics to gain more votes and more power … while trampling on your rights and suppressing your voice as a U.S. citizen (see page 143).

I also zero in on how bloated bureaucracies and government agencies waste your taxpayer dollars (see page 45).

Here are a few other horrifying highlights from the concise, fast-moving book:

  • The importance of federal judges, and why many of them are part of the Deep State – they violate their constitutional authority by attacking President Trump, our freedom and our national sovereignty (see page 77).
  • How lobbyists use their influence to exert pressure on the president (see page 91).
  • How Republicans have betrayed basic principles to support the Deep State (see page 105).
  • How nonprofit organizations and foundations have created an unholy alliance with the Deep State (see page 115).
  • How Obama’s Organizing for Action has so much power and influence – the dirty little secret (see page 129).
  • How the biased media supports and gives a voice of credibility to The Deep State (see page 157).
  • Eight reasons the Deep State can’t be fixed … but what we can do about it (see page 197).
  • Why the Deep State is encouraging – and accelerating – the move toward socialism (see page 211).

This is just some of the must-have material you will find in my book.

You can order a hardback copy of The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know on Amazon. It’s also available on Kindle.

If you order the book on our website (www.deepstatebook.com), I’d be happy to sign it.

Deep State operatives want you to be ignorant of the truth, so they can expand their power and resist anyone who disagrees with their progressive agenda.

I believe the Deep State is one of the greatest dangers to America today – to your rights, your freedom, and everything you value and have worked so hard for.

Questions or comments? Write me at craig@electionforum.org

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