Google and Social Media Shocker: 7 Horrifying Policies and Practices Revealed [Videos]

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A recently-leaked video reveals intense emotionally-based religious and political bias at Google from top executives on down.

This is why the algorithms that control Google search results discriminate against conservatives and Christians.

Here’s just one example…

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens recently launched the Blexit movement – a campaign encouraging African Americans to leave the Democrat Party and register as Republicans.

Her website ranks number 1 on every major search engine – except Google.

If you type “Blexit” into Google, the first page is filled with video links to negative reports about Candace Owens and her relationship with rapper Kanye West.

The first website listed by Google is for a totally separate organization based in Minneapolis that has nothing to do with Owens’ campaign.

Watch this video evidence of Google employees discussing manipulating search results to shape public perceptions and opinions regarding political issues (7 ½ minutes) [refresh the page if video doesn’t load]:

Here’s a follow-up report on Google’s response to the leaked email thread (2 minutes) [refresh the page if video doesn’t load or click here]:

Google executives plan to continue encouraging search algorithm programmers to manipulate search results to reflect their personal political biases!

If you are thinking about trashing Google as your default search engine, consider either Bing or


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