6 Little Known Dangers of the Deep State You Need to Know About [Petition]

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The media wants you to think that the Deep State is a myth.

They want you to think that it’s a fiction.

What is the Deep State and why is it dangerous to our freedom and future? Here is what you should know:

  1. Most government employees were employed before Trump took office—and can’t be fired.

When Trump was elected, he only had the power and authority to elect 4,000 new government employees—out of over 21 million people who work for the government, in the executive branch, military, and permanent federal work force.

That leaves millions of “unfireable” career bureaucrats, most of them ideologically opposed to the Trump administration. Some passionately so.

  1. The Deep State has a mission.

It is a decentralized network of government employees and bureaucrats that is effectively working to:

  • Undermine the authority of the President
  • Stop progress and change
  • Hinder the individual liberties of Americans

The Deep State continues to rely on the executive branch and bureaucracy in the shadows to advance their dangerous agenda…

  1. The Deep State is at war.

Holdovers from the Obama administration are:

  • Violating the rights and privacy of citizens and government officials
  • Weaponizing non-political government agencies
  • Sabotaging the efforts of anyone who wants change
  • Maintaining their inefficient and dysfunctional bureaucratic ways
  1. The Intelligence agencies are being weaponized.

There are brave men and women in security agencies who are protecting us. But unfortunately, the nature of government is to expand and abuse power, and many officials in intelligence agencies are abusing their authority in the name of collecting information.

Intelligence agencies like the CIA and the FBI have been weaponized by the Deep State, spying on U.S. citizens, journalists, members of Congress, and countless people in the Trump administration.

It’s terrifying to watch the Deep State “unmask” U.S. citizens and government officials who may oppose their agenda. Normally, the identity of anyone who is incidentally observed during a line of communication remains hidden. But with unmasking, that private and vital information is exposed.

Obama and Samantha Power, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, are key people involved in unmasking. In fact, Power was unmasking more than one person every day in 2016—in efforts to oppose and take down the impending Trump administration.

It’s the first time in U.S. history that an incumbent president has used his power against an opposing political authority. But the agenda of the Deep State doesn’t stop there…

  1. Non-political government agencies are being politicized and weaponized

One of the main tactics of the Deep State to advance its agenda is to politicize government agencies.

In 2012, the IRS informed Franklin Graham, the son of Evangelist Billy Graham, that they would be reviewing tax records for two of his organizations. The reviews came soon after one of the organizations ran an ad in a newspaper supporting the amendment of same-sex marriage laws in North Carolina.

The IRS has been forced to formally apologize, and even pay out millions to a Tea Party group that it targeted.

But it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that this non-political agency has targeted conservative and Christian groups.

Or take the Environmental Protection Agency, where Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, appointed by Trump, has announced major budget cuts to this agency. The EPA has become out of control and completely ideologically driven—Zinke is there to put some sanity back into it.

But one-third of the department fights everything he does.

Members of the Deep State have one objective: to control, manipulate, and make sure that their system of power stays in place.

  1. The Deep State in the Bureaucracy – wasting time and resources

One of the greatest things about America is that individuals respond to crises. They help out, they get involved, they get in the dirt.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, churches immediately responded with incredible compassion. They sent tens of thousands of people (including my wife Shelly) to the site of destruction to clear out the mess, rebuild, and offer aid to people affected by the hurricane.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) came later. They gave money to organizations, businesses, and homeowners, but they refused to give financial aid to the churches—even though the Church was the entity that was helping the most.

Their explanation? You can’t help people who are professing Christians.

In a stunning display of inefficiency and ignorance, the bureaucracy refused to funnel resources where they would be used the most effectively to help the American people after a tragic devastation.

But the Deep State cares more about instilling its own authority and influence than about compassionately caring for the American people.

The Deep State poses a great danger to U.S. citizens. But it cannot be dismantled easily—this decentralized network of government employees cannot be fired.

You can take a stand, however. Let’s start unraveling the Deep State power.

Sign this petition to help stop spying on the American people by CLICKING HERE.


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6 Comments on “6 Little Known Dangers of the Deep State You Need to Know About [Petition]”

  1. Evil can only be defeated by Elohim, God almighty, we Christians need to pray to God in Jesus’ name.
    Then God will answer and cast the evil ones out.

  2. The deep-state functions as a literal domestic enemy of America and if we mistakenly identify it as mere “Obama holdovers,” we have little chance of remedy the portion of the deep-state infesting the GOP

    The deep-state is made up of ‘establishment’ operators and their useful-pawns in both mainstream political parties, the media, some of corporate America, education systems, and the like. Removing Obama holdovers from government is necessary, but we must also remove holdovers from ‘establishment’ President Bush who may also be deep-state conservative-impostors.

    The Clintons are ‘establishment,’ which is why for decades they have engaged in illegal domestic and foreign globalist and self-enriching activities while racking-up a body-count with impunity.

    Both Presidents Bush are ‘establishment globalist devotees’ as evidenced by their past public proclamations of pursuing a ‘new world order’ in direct conflict with their Oath of Office, among other things. Further evidence of the Bush family’s fraternal ‘establishment’ loyalty is found in both presidents Bush publicly stating they did not vote for Trump increasing the probability of Clinton being elected. This, because true ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors will always work to elect their establishment-Democrat counterparts to prevent a non-establishment candidate from being elected.

    The ‘establishment’ infestation of the GOP also explains the establishment-GOP fixation on preventing constitutionalist Roy Moore from being elected to the Senate. Something establishment conservative-impostors must prevent because with Roy Moore in the Senate there will be fewer excuses for their Not an acting true conservative legislation which they now avoid. ‘The establishment’ invested $30 million into an ‘establishment’ GOP primary candidate against Moore, and then publicly demanding Roy Moore with drawl from the election allowing the Democrat to be elected. This, though the only evidence against Roy Moore was unsubstantiated claims of which all but one have been proven to be false accusations. It is naïve to believe the deep-state cannot influence as many women as necessary to come forward to demonize a candidate they actively sabotage.

    Meanwhile, the establishment-Democrats along with their establishment-GOP accomplices, the establishment media, the establishment’s deep-state branch (including special counsel Robert Mueller) and many others are fixated on sabotaging Trump & removing Trump from office – because Trump is disrupting the ‘establishment agenda having gone relatively smoothly for the past 50+ years.

    As for establishment conservative-impostors claiming ‘patriotism’ and ‘Christianity,’ they bring to mind 2Corinthians 11:14 – And no wonder! For satan (lucifer) himself transforms himself into an [conservative] angel of light.

    If the GOP is not lawfully cleansed of the ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors ‘infecting it like a cancer’ there is little hope for America. This is only accomplished by Christians attending County GOP meetings and taking back their local GOP from ‘establishment’ operatives and their well intended useful-pawns who continue offering us primary election candidates who are ‘establishment’ conservative-impostors using patriotic and Christian rhetoric.

    America will be restored or destroyed based on the extent to which the pulpits return to what they once did in pre-1900s America – having catalyzed the fight against British tyrants and slavery. Pulpits biblically required to admonish the 98-million claiming Christ in America to represent Christ in society and government. Instead of creating ambassadors and soldiers for Christ, our churches are creating works-phobic ‘happy sheep singing praise and worship on their way to slaughter with children and grandchildren in-tow.’

    The deep-state and all societal and governmental pathologies destroying America are not a part of some ‘end-times scenario.’ They only exist due to the ‘Christ-void’ created by an edited version of Christianity not finding Christ worth representing in society and government.

  3. Yes, we must pray. But when done praying we must get off our knees and get out there and represent Christ and government! God is not going to fix all the problems we create by failing to represent Him.

    The deep state is not just Democrats and it’s dangerous to think so because if you don’t know your enemy you can’t possibly defeat it.

    While establishment deep state democrat appointees more obviously attempt to destroy Trump and America, deep state republican fake-conservatives pretend to provide opposition to democrats but actually provide accommodation by failing to oppose Democrats to the extent possible. Today, establishment deep state fake-conservatives are acting more conservative because Trump and SOME GOP VOTERS are pressuring them by threat of replacing them. But they’re still fake-conservatives.

    After many decades of the failed belief that voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’ in the form of voting for an establishment-Republican to keep an establishment-Democrat from being elected, we must be honest about the devastation this has caused!

    Voting for ‘the lesser two evils’ only works if done as part of a RARITY. But we GOP voters have been doing it as part of an ONGOING PATTERN for a century. The result is a GOP mostly poisoned with establishment con-artists. Many of whom attack the rare GOP constitutionalists, while hide their true fake-conservative nature behind the claims of patriotism and Christianity.

    Establishment fake-conservatives talk conservative, then when they have a GOP congressional majority and presidency, they deliberately fail to turn-back ALL unconstitutional legislation passed by democrats. This amounts to ‘fake opposition to democrats.’

    It’s like the ‘chameleon like’ Newt Gingrich who used some of the most patriotic language I’ve ever heard, but then duped Republican voters into excepting NAFTA though there were many economists warning at the time NAFTA would OBVIOUSLY pressure millions of job sustaining companies to leave America for foreign nations – which did occur. And there’s far more clearly unconstitutional government out of this establishment-chameleon who now pretends to support Trump.

    We must stop being duped by the establishment and replace every establishment fake-conservative along with politicians they manipulate – so we have true opposition to democrats. And we can start with our establishment fake-conservative U.S. House Speaker, Senate Majority Leader, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Daryl Issa with his congressional hearings that go nowhere, and the like.

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