Little-Known Dangerous Attacks on Your Freedom: How and Why the “Deep State” Bureaucracy is Destroying the American Dream [Powerful Video Interview]

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What is happening to America today?

And why?

Watch Craig Huey explain in this powerful video interview little-known facts about the growing administrative state – the federal bureaucracy or deep state…you can watch the video HERE.

A few of the key points made about the under-the-radar attack on our freedoms include:

  • Being a small business owner and having to navigate governmental authorities and bureaucratic regulations gets in the way of building wealth and growing a business
  • The bureaucracy is one of our biggest enemies…why?
  • These are people working outside the private sector that want the bureaucracy to expand but two million federal workers are bureaucrats  
  • The bureaucracy does not want to be held accountable
  • Under the administration of President Obama, people in their 20s and 30s filled the bureaucracy that were ideologically driven

These individuals wanted to transform society and politics.

  • President Trump was not able to “drain the swamp” of the bureaucrats…Why?
  • The Department of Justice is filing lawsuits against states and individuals – it is going after people that are conservative, libertarian or Christian

For example, in Arizona there are many people working hard to examine the election of Trump vs. Biden.

These people have uncovered voter irregularities – but the Department of Justice sent these people a letter to volunteers and said they were interfering with election integrity.

This letter told them they could be charged with a felony and be put in jail.

  • These government officials have unlimited time and resources to do what they want to do.
  • Today you see government officials leading government departments where they have no experience

Instead, they think that socialism is the solution to the country’s problems.

These ideologues believe the government is the answer – they want to use the power of the state to transform our culture and our politics.

  • These government bureaucrats have a lot of power in their positions and now big business and government are working together

Business owners now need political favors from politicians so they can grow and expand their businesses.

Our society is no longer a true free enterprise system.

  • Elections are not about who has the most money – it is all about mobilizing the vote and targeting your audience

Click HERE to listen to the interview.

It is about one-hour long.

Then pass it along to your friends and family.

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2 Comments on “Little-Known Dangerous Attacks on Your Freedom: How and Why the “Deep State” Bureaucracy is Destroying the American Dream [Powerful Video Interview]”

  1. Alexander Hamilton was in charge of the first administrative agencies. He started with customs and the post office and added the mint and coast guard. There was no application of Federalist principles of checks and balances or any attempt at oversight. On the other hand Hamilton created the initial incorporation in New York of marine, life, and property insurance, newspapers (the Post), The Bank of New York (now Mellon Bank) and the stock market. They filed incorporation papers of purpose and a Board of Directors as watchmen and overseers. With a petit administrative supreme court, the Article I judges would come under control. Having all agencies file incorporation papers would be a start.

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