Wow: The Gospel at the Inauguration

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Wow: The Gospel at the Inauguration

President Trump’s inauguration will be seen by millions worldwide.

And all will hear the Gospel.

January 2017 Presidential Inauguration (Credit:

These are the speakers and prayer leaders who will be on stage at the inauguration on January 20th:

  1. Pastor Sammy Rodriguez. He is the head of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. He helped California voters fight to gut state senator Ricardo Lara’s horrific legislation SB 1146, which would have essentially shut down Christian colleges throughout the state. I am sure that he will give a powerful Gospel message.
  2. Bishop Wayne Jackson of Great Faith Ministries International, the same black church where Trump spoke in Detroit, Michigan during the campaign.
  3. Pastor Paula White of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida. She has acted as Trump’s spiritual advisor on a number of key issues.
  4. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, a proud pro-life, pro-family conservative.
  5. Rabbi Marvin Heir, Dean and Founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. This is a significant invitation, as well, since he comes from Los Angeles, California, a region which voted heavily for Trump’s opponent in the general election.
  6. Franklin Graham. He never speaks without sharing the full Gospel. This is the second inauguration that Graham will be speaking at … the first time he spoke was in 2001 for George W. Bush.

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20 Comments on “Wow: The Gospel at the Inauguration”

  1. I’m disappointed that President-Elect Trump considers Paula White to be his pastor and I would have preferred that she not be given such a prominent role in the Inauguration. I feel pretty much the same about Bishop Wayne Jackson. Both White and Jackson are Word Faith Prosperity Gospel preachers. Among the 25 or so Trump’s faith advisors, quite a few are Word Faith preachers, and that disappoints me. However Dr. David Jeremiah is among the 25 and I wish he would have been selected instead. But I’m very happy to see Franklin Graham will take part and I really hope he share’s the gospel without compromise.

  2. Prosperity gospel preachers are for the money to themselves not to serve the hungry and the sick like Jesus Christ commanded.

  3. Dr. David Jeremiah, Pastor John MacArthur, Pastor Jack Graham, Pastor Greg Laurie, Robert Pastor Jeffress, someone from Hillsdale College.

  4. Paula White an Apostate, really? You would give a place on stage to her? The “church’ is a CONFUSED mess, but what about the Body of Christ, Grace, will it have a place at the Table? II Cor. 5: 17-21

  5. I too am very disappointed with Paula White being the president’s spiritual advisor. She is on her third marriage, just like Donald Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for Donald Trump, but this is sad.

  6. What about Tim Keller ….He speaks to the younger generation and is a great communicator of the gospel…so is John Ortberg right on with younger generation and both are Authors as well ac both have congregations that have spun of church plants…one in NYC and other in Palo Alto area of Calif!!!!!!

  7. If they really want the gospel preached biblicaly then they should get Ray Comfort up there in place of Paula White.

  8. I thank God for the prayers at President Trump’s inauguration. And I pray that not one of them will hold back on proudly proclaiming God’s Gospel. I pray that each speaker and everyone else there will be Holy Ghost filled and anointed from head to toe. That their tongues will be loosed, and the unction will spread far and wide! Hallelujah and Amen! Glory to God in the highest!

  9. I’m glad President elect Trump is including God is all of his decisions- otherwise it would be failure. Inner cities are high on the list of healing for our land. Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni Sr. is founder of Victory Outreach International. Our call is to bring the gospel and recovery to the inner cities-we have recovery homes and churches for the people to attend and God does amazing things , I am a witness ! Well I pray and will be praying for God’s perfect will in this time and He will have His way in Jesus mighty name Amen. Amen.

  10. This is not the time for Christians to nit pick because our “favorite” or “not favorite” pastor is speaking at the inauguration. This is the time to give thanks that Christian pastors and a rabbi are speaking. What a refreshing wind of mercy that men and women who love God will be bringing His Word to America.

  11. Greg Laurie is
    a great choice. I attend his church and he preaches from the Bible and is such a Godly man.

  12. I will echo the comments of Laura Otto and especially Charles Morris. May our Lord be glorified in all of it

  13. Dr Robert Jeffress has been on Fox News defending Trump from the beginning. He brought him Dallas Texas. I’m actually shocked that Trump would utilize Graham, who did not support him, and White who is nothing short of shady.

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