Heads Spin: Trump Shocks Pastors, the UN and Liberals on Socialism [Video]

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Socialism just doesn’t work.

Too many:

  • Pastors
  • Professors at Christian colleges
  • Theology students
  • Christian lay people

… Have been misled by the media, lack of economic understanding, and teachings that socialism is good … usually with the provision if only socialism was done right.

As President Trump said in his UN speech, “The corrupt regime imposes a failed ideology that produces poverty and misery wherever it is tried.

“He has defied his own people, stealing power from their elected representatives to preserve his disastrous rule.”

As the Venezuelan people starve and Democratic institutions are being destroyed, Trump hinted at future action:

  • We cannot stand by and watch.
  • We have a goal to help them recover their freedom, restore democracy and gain their freedom.
  • We are prepared to take further action if it continues along this path.
  • Use other Latin American countries as a united economic front to put pressure on the Venezuelan regime.
  • We call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms of Venezuela.

Under socialism, the once-thriving nation of Venezuela is now on the brink of total collapse.

Under 18 years of socialism, Venezuela’s vast oil riches has not been able to pull the country out of poverty.

People are starving.

The country’s democratic institutions have been steadily eroded by dictator Nicolas Maduro’s power grab toward totalitarianism – typical of socialistic governments centralizing power and control.

Maduro has, in the words of Trump, inflicted terrible pain and suffering on the good people of that country.

“Wherever true socialism or communism has been implemented, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure. And socialism has been faithfully implemented in Venezuela.”

Consider the economic chaos in Greece: massive layoffs, high unemployment, failed pension systems, bank freezes, and rioting in the streets.

That’s socialism.

And yet, in America, we have moved more towards socialism under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and other politicians.

Socialism, by its very nature, creates poverty, stagnation and oppression.

Socialism requires:

  • A strong—unresponsive—federal government. This is contrary to liberty and free enterprise.
  • An inefficient and ineffective bureaucracy. For example, the United States Post Office faces a crushing $102 billion debt; Veterans Administration Hospitals, where patients have died on secret waiting lists; a Department of Education, where states are required to comply with overbearing mandates and regulations in order to receive federal funding.
  • The death of innovation and progress. There’s a new cancer drug just announced that would never have come out if not for free enterprise and the profit motive.
  • A redistribution of wealth rather than creating more wealth, along with innovation and jobs.

Socialism has a history of failure: Nazism (National Socialism) in Germany; Fascism in Italy; Communism in Russia.

And now in Venezuela.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Socialism is evil. The President calls out the evil.

That’s good!

Watch President Trump’s powerful comments on the failures of socialism in this short video.

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6 Comments on “Heads Spin: Trump Shocks Pastors, the UN and Liberals on Socialism [Video]”

  1. I have an exception. Let’s imagine privatizing the police department, the fire department, the MILITARY, the parks department, etc. etc. “HELP! My garage is on fire”…”now ma’am…do you have emergency fire abatement insurance? ….aw….I’m so sorry”. 911, what is your emergency? “I’m in my bedroom and someone is trying to break into my house!” “Do you have Police Department insurance?”….I”m so sorry…..etc….and as much as the military has wasted billions, I can’t imagine little “private militaries”.

    1. Ed Artigue, I would suggest you take some of Hillsdale College’s online courses on the Constitution, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, the Congress and others. You obviously don’t know what government is instituted FOR. Please get educated on our form of government.

  2. In a Republic, the government’s almost sole role is to protect her people from criminals and invasion within and without. That means a public police force and a military. This has nothing to do with socialism.

  3. CRichardson: You are totally correct. Without governing force, everyone would do “what is right in his own eyes.” See the end of the book of Judges in the Bible.

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