Transgender Ban in the Military: Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong? [Video]

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When President Trump tweeted that transgenders would be banned from the military, it set of the prerequisite firestorm of protests.

Liberals called it “disgusting,” “discriminatory,” “hateful” and even said it “undermines our national defense.”

Watch this explosive debate between New York Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and TV host Tucker Carlson in this 8-minute video.

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3 Comments on “Transgender Ban in the Military: Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong? [Video]”

  1. This is part of the much bigger picture of homosexual propaganda. homosexual activists are deceptive and bullies, as anyone who has been attacked by them knows. There is no worth in homosexuality – it offers nothing but disease and anarchy to society. As the blueprint for all this (After the Ball…) openly stated, first they get accepted as equals, then they go for superiority… and when that is done they will come out with the really bad stuff! Are we to wait for all this to happen? No – Trump made a start. Now let’s carry it out.

  2. The first thing I notice is that the “responder” starts trying to talk over Tucker Carlson instead of answering the question that was asked. It happens almost every time. The “responder” doesn’t want to answer the question that was asked and goes down a rabbit hole instead, trying to draw Tucker and the viewer down too. These “responders” want to play to people’s emotions instead of the facts. The “responders” don’t have facts on their side, so….here we go. I’m sick of it.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with both comments. We’re seriously sick of this nonstop game being played over and again by apparent nonbelievers because they work extremely hard to get across their talking points which everyone knows is discussed and set each morning to play out throughout the course of each day. The points are always emotionally charged to draw on sympathies, never a valid fact of support, because there is never anything to support going against God’s Word unless you want to factually recite from the book of satanic ritual practices.

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