Singer Selena Gomez: Growing Faith in Christ

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Singer Selena Gomez: Growing Faith in Christ

Selena Gomez.

She’s a famous actress.

She’s a great singer.

She’s also a bold Christian in a business where God seems not to be welcome. She regularly attends Hillsong services throughout the world.

Her favorite Christian singer? Brooker Fraser of Hillsong.

She’s a huge fan of Hillsong’s label in general, and has learned so much from them.

Her latest album “Revival” includes tracks like “Same Old Love” and “Good for You.”

Here is her hit single “Nobody”, which she sang at Hillsong Los Angeles.

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3 Comments on “Singer Selena Gomez: Growing Faith in Christ”

  1. Looks and sounds like alot of other secular music videos. No proclaimation of Christ and the gospel in it. I would never guess her as being christian from that music video.

  2. I agree patty there are a lot of celebraties running around clamming to be Christians ( Brian Welch, Justin bieber Salina Gomez etc ) but there is very little fruit if any coming out of their lives. We have got to stop excepting every person who names the name of Christ as a follower of Christ when their lives directly contridict scripture. The church today is strongly lacking decernment and it extremely heartbreaking .

  3. I hope her faith is real, but her videos are not examples of it. Her wardrobe is immodest, and how do sc nes of her kissing a young man exemplify a love of Christ? Hillsong needs to do a much better job of discipline her if they are considered responsible. I couldn’ t see Jesus in any of the videos.

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