How the FBI/Department of Justice Was Used by An Incumbent President to Spy on the Presidential Candidate from the Opposing Party: 11 Things You Should Know

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Shocking Corruption Exposed at the Highest Levels of Government: Shake-Up Needed Now

You and your friends need to know about the 11 revelations and facts below you won’t find on social media or traditional media—the truth has been purposely hidden and distorted.

But the shocking, disturbing truth is finally being revealed.

It’s corruption at the top levels of the federal government.

This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans.

This isn’t about Trump and the media.

This isn’t about smart bureaucrats and dumb ones.

It’s about fraud and abuse of power by the very ones we should trust—the top officials of the FBI and Department of Justice.

It’s about a direct assault on our democratic election system, our fair transfer of power from one president to another and…an assault on our Constitution.

Here are the 11 things you should know:

1. This is the Basic Shocking Takeaway: Ideologically-driven elite FBI and Department of Justice employees worked hard and secretly to influence the 2016 presidential elections and undermine the 2017 transition by using a discredited report paid for by Hillary Clinton to fraudulently mislead FISA Court judges into allowing intelligence agencies to spy on members of the Trump campaign and transition team.

They sought to undermine our election process, our Constitutional Republic and the 4th amendment.  They damaged the credibility of the FBI/Department of Justice.

Using a judge and the intelligence agencies to spy on a political opponent is un-American. It should not have happened to Trump. It should not have happened to any past President—Obama, Bush or Clinton. It should not happen to any future President.

2. The Top FBI/DOJ Officials Abused Their Power in Falsely Obtaining and Maintaining a FISA Warrant, without fully disclosing to several judges that their spying request was based on a fallacious Democrat political document and a press report planted by the author during and after the political campaign. They also hid what they were doing from Congressional oversight.

In July, the FISA Court said no to spying on American citizen Carter Page. But with the Clinton-funded dossier and the Yahoo news report (fed to Yahoo by Steele) the Court said yes in October.

And the manipulation continued…former FBI director James Comey, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, and former deputy attorney general of the DOJ Sally Yates, and other top officials also fallaciously signed renewals of the FISA application—which require specific findings of probable cause.

3. The Christopher Steele Dossier on Trump Relied on Questionable Sources—and Was Politically Motivated. The former British spy, Christopher Steele, was politically motivated in creating the dossier. He set out to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump. He personally hated Trump and was passionate about Trump not becoming President.

Former FBI director James Comey himself said that the document was “salacious and unverified”….but it was used anyway.

Steele also lied to the FBI about feeding the document to the press…a media leak which was used to manipulate the FISA court into believing the dossier information had been verified by another source.

4. The Intelligence Agencies Have Been Totally Politicized.  Who paid Steele to create the infamous dossier? Research firm Fusion GPS used money received from the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign to fund the creation of this politicized and deceptive document. The FBI paid Steele as well.

Fusion GPS was directly connected to the DOJ through its employee Nellie Ohr, who is married to Bruce Ohr, an associate deputy attorney general in the DOJ. In an outrageous abuse of power, Nellie Ohr performed opposition research on Trump…and then delivered the information directly to the DOJ through her husband.

This is shocking proof of underhanded corruption and the politicization of our intelligence agencies. The FBI paid for dirt provided by the Democrats to spy on Republicans.

5. The Top FBI/DOJ Officials Purposely and Illegally Abused the Process of Spying on Enemy Agents and Terrorists. They undermined our justice system…no one is above the law, not even the FBI and Department of Justice elites.

Carter Page’s FISA court order was broad so Trump and anyone working on his campaign, and others, could be spied on—all without warrants—all illegally and unconstitutionally.

The FISA court order was used to spy not only on Trump, but also on many other innocent people.

6. The Top FBI/DOJ Officials Abused the Public Trust, casting great doubt on the FBI, our intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice. There are 12,484 Special Agents and 2,950 intelligence analysts in the FBI. Most agents are good, dedicated and non-partisan. But Obama holdovers and career Deep State bureaucrats feel they need to be part of the “resistance.”

7. The Dangers of What Has Become the “Surveillance State” Are Being Exposed. Trump and the Republicans are doing what those in advertising, the media and the Democrats should have done—disrupting and exposing corruption.

We must now put critical restrictions on the FISA process to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

8. The Deep State is Fighting Back: The Deep State has a delusional addiction for more and more power and control….and more and more deception and cover-ups.

James Comey, the fired FBI director; James Clapper, the former NSA director; John Brennan, the former CIA director; and Chris Wray, the new FBI director, are all resisting the truth. Like any bureaucrat, they are fighting change. They are protecting themselves. They are trying to hide their misdeeds.

These arrogant bureaucrats fear transparency and need changes. Expect them to continue to mislead and cry.

9. The Permanent Ruling Class Has Been Exposed for What It Is. They hide. They evade. They act lawlessly. That’s why it’s time for a shake-up. It’s time to create transparency. To downsize to something manageable. To create checks and balances.

10. The Democrats Should be Horrified. Instead, they are playing politics. Adam Schiff, their chief spokesperson, is simply running for President.

11. Transparency and Disclosure Now. All documents related to the launching of the Russia collusion investigation must now be released, including the court documents. There must be transparency. There must be no hint of Republican or Democrat spin.

The ideology-driven Deep State insiders have endangered the future of our intelligence gathering on those who would really harm us. They crossed the line. America must protect itself from this ever happening again—but now doubt and skepticism over everything will dominate our intelligence gathering.

The surveillance memo is proof of shocking corruption in the political elite. It’s just one piece of evidence of a frightening, un-American assault on liberty, the Constitution and the rule of law.

This is probably just the tip of the iceberg—the whole truth must come out.

The Deep State must be stopped—from spying on Americans, from resisting change, from abusing their power.

You can make a difference. Sign the petition to Redefine FISA to Protect Americans from Government Spying.

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  1. thank you for the simplicity of your reports. Thank you for the persistence of your investigations. We have heard both sides reversed and denials on both sides.
    Most news reports do not interest me since they are prepared by offices that report with a bias.
    Please continue to inform America.

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