5 Disturbing Poll Results: The Quick Decline of America Into Moral Relativism [How would you vote?]

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On moral issues, Americans are shifting quickly to greater moral relativism.

Since the early 2000s, Gallup has annually tracked the views of Americans on the moral acceptability of various attitudes and behaviors.

The overall trend is disturbing…it clearly points to higher levels of acceptance of behaviors the Bible clearly condemns.

Below are some of the results of the latest survey…

The 1st number following each behavior shows the percentage of respondents who consider the behavior morally acceptable…the 2nd number represents the percentage who consider it morally wrong…the number in brackets is the per cent change from 2001 to 2017:

  • Sex between an unmarried man and a woman – 69/28 [16% change]
  • Gay or lesbian relations – 63/33 [23% change]
  • Having a baby outside of marriage – 62/33 [17% change since 2002]
  • Sex between teenagers – 36/59 [4% change since 2013]
  • Polygamy – 17/80 [9% change]

This shift reflects that a Christian world view is becoming more and more at odds with our culture.

But the moral requirements of Scripture are not optional for Christians. We must not pretend for any reason that they are…even if it means being criticized or rejected by friends, co-workers or even family.


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One Comment on “5 Disturbing Poll Results: The Quick Decline of America Into Moral Relativism [How would you vote?]”


    All ‘voids’ and God‘s natural world are eventually filled by something.

    Nation-destroying moral relativism only has America at the brink of destruction due to the fact that such a tiny percentage of the 98 million claiming Christ find Christ worth representing in society and government.

    Excuses for not engaging in the biblically defined ‘works’ necessary to remedy God offending and nation destroying pathologies infecting society and government include fixations on ‘end times’ scenarios and ‘the rapture.’ As if to suggest that because these things may be part of God‘s providence, we have no obligation to represent Christ in them. A convenient and godless analysis clearly contrary to biblical truths. Truths requiring Christians to represent Christ in all things at all times. Even if we knew the world was going to end tomorrow at noon, our only question should be how do we fulfill our works based obligation to have families that glorify Christ, Christ being brought to those not knowing Him, aid to the needy, and opposition to evildoers between now and noon tomorrow.

    God requires this of us because God requires we glorify him to fulfill the primary purpose for our creation. Works glorifying Christ according to one’s ability provide evidence for faith being true and not merely an emotionalized and experiential assumption.

    Subsequently, because the God of the Bible judges humans in the afterlife, nations in this life, and makes clear that global-government will only be a product of antichrist deceivers, Christians are obligated to be the primary influence over American society and government. This, if exercisable God given inalienable rights are to be inherited by our children and grandchildren instead of murderous tyranny.

    The pre-1900s Christian faith having been the primary influence over society and government that catalyzed the fights against British tyrants and slavery while influencing the creation of a constitutional-republic form of government limiting the powers of federal government. Limitstions to discourage aspiring-tyrants who like the bible warns about lucifer the lie-bearer, “comes as an angel of light,” has mostly transitioned into a lukewarm religion.

    Today’s often works-phobic and edited version of christianity functions as if the 7 verses in James chapter-2 warning that “faith without works is dead,” actually meant ‘faith without works is alive.’ Lukewarm religion talks Jesus, reads about Jesus, emotionalizes Jesus, experiences Jesus, sings praise to Jesus, but does not find Jesus worth representing in society and government as required in the Bible. A failure to represent Christ having created the ‘Christ-void’ filled by moral-relativism and anti-christ activists along with their useful-pawns.

    Those who ‘hate what God loves and love what God hates’ will always fill a ‘Christ-void’ left behind by lukewarm christianity. Moral relativism and it’s cousins narcissism, anti-Christianity and anti-Judaism are simply symptoms of societal and governmental pathologies created by lukewarm religion.

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