5 Disturbing Poll Results: The Quick Decline of America Into Moral Relativism [How would you vote?]

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On moral issues, Americans are shifting quickly to greater moral relativism.

Since the early 2000s, Gallup has annually tracked the views of Americans on the moral acceptability of various attitudes and behaviors.

The overall trend is disturbing…it clearly points to higher levels of acceptance of behaviors the Bible clearly condemns.

Below are some of the results of the latest survey…

The 1st number following each behavior shows the percentage of respondents who consider the behavior morally acceptable…the 2nd number represents the percentage who consider it morally wrong…the number in brackets is the per cent change from 2001 to 2017:

  • Sex between an unmarried man and a woman – 69/28 [16% change]
  • Gay or lesbian relations – 63/33 [23% change]
  • Having a baby outside of marriage – 62/33 [17% change since 2002]
  • Sex between teenagers – 36/59 [4% change since 2013]
  • Polygamy – 17/80 [9% change]

This shift reflects that a Christian world view is becoming more and more at odds with our culture.

But the moral requirements of Scripture are not optional for Christians. We must not pretend for any reason that they are…even if it means being criticized or rejected by friends, co-workers or even family.


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