Looking in the Mirror: What Do You See as a Follower of Christ? [Video]

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Christians in the Mirror is a new documentary film that will reveal what kind of Christian you are.

This film exposes – through first-hand interviews – the incredible and undeserved suffering and desperation of persecuted Christians in the Middle East and Africa … and how they are living courageously through their circumstances by exhibiting love, faith, and hope in the midst of death, torture, and tragedy.

This unspeakable persecution is contrasted against many Christian churches living the good life, listening to prosperity teachings, being affluent and totally unaware of the suffering and cries of their brothers in the Persecuted Church.

Christians in the Mirror takes the audience on a journey by having them look into their own “Christian Mirror” as a follower of Christ, and see what is reflected back.

The documentary seeks to encourage the audience to ask themselves the question as to what do they see as followers of Christ when they look in the mirror. Does their reflection look like Christ, or is it skewed or distorted?

This is a must-see film for every Christian who truly desires to follow Christ.

Read more about the film here.

Watch the movie trailer here (about 3 ¼ minutes).

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