Election Alert: Our Voter Recommendations for the Most Important Midterm Election of Your Lifetime

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It is election time and we have posted our recommendations.


You have four important election tools to help you vote for, not against your values.


1.Election Recommendations For those outside California we have voter links. For those in California from Northern California to San Diego, we have rated and made recommendations for each candidate for Judge, Governor, statewide races, local races and propositions.  You can go to electionforum.org and click on “view voter guide”. Then click on your county. It’s that simple.


  1. Our Webinar We created a webinar for you to watch on October 24th at 9:30am. Click here to register. The first part is national from 9:30m to 10am and the second part is California from 10am to 11am.


Together, we will look at the race for Supreme Court Judges, Governor, Senator, the propositions (even the confusing ones) and more.


You’ll discover where the candidates stand on Israel, gun control, the right to life, religious liberty, sanctuary states, the “Ban the Bible”, the crime wave, homeschooling and more.


  1. Also, for CaliforniaCandidate Comparison Chart- This compares the statewide candidates and rates the judges on key issues. Click here.


  1. Also, for CaliforniaThe Election Forum recommendation insert bulletin- Use this bulletin insert and your church will know how to vote for, not against their values. Click here.


What do you think? Write me at craig@electionforum.org.

4 Comments on “Election Alert: Our Voter Recommendations for the Most Important Midterm Election of Your Lifetime”

  1. I ALWAYS come here to find the truth about voting! Loved the honest information you gave for both sides. May the Lord grant you strength, wisdom and peace to continue your great work.
    You are appreciated.

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed. Information is power and we are grateful for the education. Also thanks for taking the time to help us understand each election and what is going on. It is very helpful.

  3. God help us in California….I fought real hard and rallied and Im done! The FRAUD thats inside this state over running us (conservatives) cannot afford this corruption $ any longer. I heard its time to sell your house and run from here…..I do believe the liberal socialist want this state to be its/their own little country. I am sad and disgusted at the same tim, this is my home of 21 years in this home, I was content, built much on this simple home. I don’t want to leave, but I literally cannot afford it here any longer, and I refuse to live with multiple people just to survive…..

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