67% of Churches Nationally Are Still Unfairly Shut Down – But, Hundreds Are Open Illegally – I Went to One Last Week (See the video).

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I went to church illegally in California a month ago.  

I went to church illegally again in Maine last week.

Both illegal churches were packed out.

Both had sanitation programs in place.

Both allowed the attendees to wear masks if they wanted.  90% did not.

And the churches were alive with powerful worship, teaching, and fellowship.

But it was illegal.

Last week, Shelly and I flew to Bangor, Maine and attended Calvary Chapel Bangor with Pastor Ken Graves.

He issued a public declaration to the Governor of Maine and has a lawsuit against the government church shutdown going on now.  I wrote about his powerful video – a declaration of faith for opening his church. 

You can see the video here.

I also wrote about the illegal church service both Shelly and I attended at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills with Pastor Jack Hibbs (Read the article here).

The other Sundays in May and June, we went to legal church services in Tennessee (Read the article here).

67% of churches are still closed because of the unconstitutional dictates of state governors.

All churches should be open – even if contrary oppressive and unconstitutional states dictate not to.

All can open smartly and prudently.


At one service we went to we all sang a song so truly fitting for today: “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.”


You can hear the song here.

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4 Comments on “67% of Churches Nationally Are Still Unfairly Shut Down – But, Hundreds Are Open Illegally – I Went to One Last Week (See the video).”

  1. all businesses should be opened at owners desire. everyone has a right to try and support themselves and their families. everyone should wear a mask when in public as many are frightened and we need to be respectful of all if possible. every business has the right to set what ever rules they want….ie wear a mask or not, etc shirts and shoes or no service, etc. every person has the right to shop at these places or not….pretty simple and pretty black or white

  2. I’m not attending on the advice of my RN daughter, treating COVID19 patients, since I’m 70. My church in Houston is open legally, and my Sunday School class has had several new cases of COVID19 even though they wore masks coming in and sat a distance apart. The word is that they are to keep it quiet that people are coming down with it who were there. Another daughter’s friend just lost her grand mother and aunt. The aunt was in good health to begin with and not that old. So I don’t think its fear keeping us home, but common sense. We can watch many church services and listen to so many great ministers on TV and online. Yes, we’d like to socialize but I believe we should wait longer.

  3. I agree with Sharon Ott. There is evidence that socializing at church without distancing and wearing face masks and the increased number of cases of Covid -19 is related. Right now common sense to stay at home is the wise thing to do.

  4. I respect the opinions of those who are fearful of attending church right now, but those who chose to go have the legal right to go. Many people live alone and need to worship God with the members of their church. Is Walmart or a liqueur store safer than church? Are just looters and terrists immune from the virus? We should be flocking to the beaches thie holiday for our health and freedom, too. God bless Ameeica!

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