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To better understand the impact of the government-dictated church shut down, could you please fill out this short survey?

We will publish the results and send you an advanced copy.

We will analyze the results for the TV, radio, and podcast interview that Craig Huey will be doing and we will send out a press release to all the media.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Your response will remain confidential.  

Click HERE to complete the survey.

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5 Comments on “Your Pastor and Your Church Survey”

  1. Quite an interesting survey. A one-of-a-kind survey. it would be amazing to see how many people do this survey. God bless you.

  2. Our church voluntarily closed for two months! We reopened with some restrictions in place and everyone that returned gracefully adhered to the new format! We did lose a few members during the shutdown!

  3. Our church complied with the 3 pew distancing and masks as necessary. We did NOT shut down. Our pastor indicated and if necessary would go to jail – Not clear on the financial (read “fines”) If imposed. Many Evangelical pastors took firm stands as to what they do and how they would respond. Most believe the “church” is protected by the Constitution.

  4. Our Pastor closed our church at the very beginning of the pandemic. Then God showed him plainly he was to reopen and not close again, according to God’s Word. We have no restrictions but he simply asks us to not come if sick. Our church is packed each Sunday for three services and God is blessing the ministry of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.
    Sadly my husband is very ill with Parkinsons so we are not able to attend at this point.
    Evangelism is the number one ministry right now at Calvary.
    I do feel that the church at large needs more of a in-home ministry to shut in’s and elderly.

  5. Calvary Bible Church of Burbank only had live-streaming for the first several months of the pandemic. Then we started to add life service on the church parking lot from the summer of 2020 to the first few months of 2021. We reopened to meet indoors starting Spring with masks, checking temperatures at the doors and social distancing (seating every other row in the pew and only family members sitting together). In July or so, we eliminated the social distancing with wearing masks and vaccinations optional. Live stream continues the whole time and any who have symptoms of sickness are advised to stay home.

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