The Cancel Culture: Blueprint to End Freedom of Speech in America [Video]

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It’s the most blatant and despicable form of mind and thought control.

Anything from the past or the present that differs from the worldview of the radical pro-socialist media, politicians and bureaucrats must be erased – canceled.

Nothing can be considered or understood within its historical context.

None of the mistakes from our nation’s past can be used as teaching tools or learning experiences to help us avoid repeating those mistakes in the present or future. 

Any dissenting voice is fair game to the social media mob, which demands complete submission.

From outlawing language to public shaming and blacklists, the pro-Socialists are prohibiting intellectual debate.

They are destroying personal reputations and careers… and they feel righteous and justified doing it. 

The cancel culture intends to make everyone afraid to speak their mind.

Here are just a few victims of the ever-growing cancel culture list:

  • J.K. Rowling, Gina Carano, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart… and others
  • Brands Aunt Jemima, Mr. Potato Head, Jeep Cherokee… and others
  • Literature such as To Kill a MockingbirdLittle WomenLord of the Flies, and nearly all Shakespeare
  • Movies such as Gone With the Wind…stories like Grimm’s fairy tales…
  • Phrases like “color blind” and “melting pot”…
  • Grade schools named after Father Junipero Serra and Abraham Lincoln..
  • Statues of great leaders like George Washington… and even black abolitionist Frederick Douglass!

Why has there been almost zero pushback against the cancel culture by conservatives?

And why is the news media – which historically has been a bastion of free speech – supporting Big Tech and social media in canceling free speech?

The Big Tech CEOs and the social media CEOs should be getting inundated with phone calls, emails, letters and lawsuits from angry conservatives who are sick and tired of being pushed around and marginalized and coerced into silence.

Where does it end? Are we going to do nothing and let them cancel everything? 

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One Comment on “The Cancel Culture: Blueprint to End Freedom of Speech in America [Video]”

  1. Good question.
    Was the internet created by the CIA or what?
    Wasn’t the CIA created and affiliated with the CFR to influence the public about foreign policy? Time being their first propaganda magazine?
    If so all these things need to be investigated and exposed.
    We know from Tragedy and Hope that the CFR bought up multiple big newspapers to control and influence public opinion of foreign policy so that their military industrial complex of the time, and banks, would thrive.
    Pushing propaganda to foment wars…. disgusting in my book.

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