Insanity: The Audience Was Shocked As I Explained What Is Happening AND How To Turn Things Around In A Country Turned Upside Down [Radio/Podcast]

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I just got off the air, shocking the audience with truth… and realities they couldn’t hear anywhere else.

Click HERE to listen.

In a national radio/podcast, I talked with Bill Martinez about what is really going on… and how it could ever have happened.

  • Censorship of truth and reality – How what is truth is false, what is false is truth and what is good is evil, what is evil is good.
  • How the radicals use twisted but professional messaging to fundamentally transform culture and politics.
  • How this happened… who started it… why they are successful in changing American for the worse, destroying a Biblical Worldview, and promoting socialism.
  • Why we can’t be depressed… and how to turn our country around.
  • Election Integrity: answers for those co concerned.
  • What drives the lust for power.

The interview is about 25 minutes long. You can listen HERE.

After you listen, tell me your thoughts at

3 Comments on “Insanity: The Audience Was Shocked As I Explained What Is Happening AND How To Turn Things Around In A Country Turned Upside Down [Radio/Podcast]”

  1. Prop 8 voters did not yawn. They realized that there was nothing that they could do. The Christian and Missionary Alliance church inBakersfield, California pastor said that his own sister was gay, that that movement had been in place for longer than he had been alive,( what , since Rome? Since Noah?) and he was not going to fight it. He did not say what he was going to fight for, but he was not going to fight for the definition of marriage the way God defined it in the Bible. A man of the cloth, ordained by his denomination and unwilling to uphold the written message from God himself. Our nation needs the exact same thing everywhere: for Jesus to touch and restore love and honor of himself above all other things. Not reformation, but supernatural transformation by the renewing of our minds in Christ Jesus.

    But we all still need work, jobs, money, etc. And I still pray for me, that a loving Jesus man who is not culturally of the South marry me so that I can have a small job, and he can have the big job to maintain the home.

    I pray in Jesus name that all incest,!lies, rapes, slavery, jobs bellow minimum wage, x and r rated movies, gentlemen’s clubs, hooters, addictive drugs besides food, shift work, night shifts, alcoholism, tik tok, job bots, and wrong teaching from the pulpits around the world stop. I pray that the gods of India be put right back into the pit eternally, and not be worshipped in any way shape or form. I pray that all the mental health confusion cease and doctors, who do not even know how the brain works, stop prescribing drugs that they do not understand and certainly do not use themselves.

    In this time of petition, I ask that Jesus proclaim liberty, the right and ability to do that which he views as right , Everywhere in America and around the world today and everyday until he return in that twinkling of an eye.

    I pray that truth be everywhere. That old, incorrect information be lost. I pray that Christianity be seen as FREEDOM because Jesus is freedom. In Christ there is neither male nor female, slave nor free, Jew nor gentile. I ask Jesus to keep all Christians of sound mind, sound bodies, gainfully employed and speaking coherently, writing coherently, influencing mightily in large and small ways everywhere. 60 years, almost, has the gentle reading of God’s word been removed from the public classroom. That is a lot of people which God needs to restore in this country. I ask him to do it, for only a big, big God can do such a big, big thing. He says he is that big, and bigger. We need a Christian chaplain for Congress, the va, the military, everywhere so that people are in constant prayer prayer with the only living God. I pray that Jesus protect each and every human, from the baby conceived just now to the oldest living person from all deceit, all Governmental experiments, all things which harm. I pray that Jesus come very soon. I pray that all cults, all secret societies, all occult influences everywhere stop. I ask that all witch covens disband, that all warlocks bow in reverence to Jesus, that human sacrifice stop. I pray that humans, not robots, have jobs, food, water, natural fiber clothing.

    I pray that the Peace of God rule in the heart of every human everywhere. I ask that disinformation and the lies told to DOD employees everywhere be replace d with truth. I ask that God cause our nation’s budget to balance, that each household’s budget to balance, that high interest rates everywhere be brought low, that credit be used minimally, that God’s justice prevail, and that he is merciful to me, because I want his mercy.

    I pray that men keep their eyes on their own wives, that God make enough men for all the women, that we all crave which is perfect, and God make all that is perfect available to all.

    A wise man told me: If something works, people do not have to be coerced to get it. I pray that I get a good job without any coercion going on anywhere. I pray that the vaccine requirements be entirely rescinded everywhere. Because men view the world as a pyramid as women view the world as flat, I pray for each human boss I will ever have , that he pay me enough, more than I deserve. I need a good job,. I want a good natural born human male husband.

    I pray that it is truly God we trust.

  2. Is this world coming to an end???? God May Be Coming Back. It sure seems hopeless. But My God Has Everything Under Control I believe. Something Good Can Come From Something Bad.

  3. Yes only Jesus can and will be the one to correct all the wrong, but the true body of Christ need to also stand up our Christian beliefs without any compromise.

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